September 28, 2023

“GET has been working with VJ Tech since 2014. In all these years we received all purchased high-quality equipment with prepared, fast, and, last but not least, qualified assistance. We are extremely satisfied with the operation of Clisp-Studio software, which is perfect to automate and perform standard and advanced tests faster and more efficiently. We have an excellent relationship with the technical team that has always flawlessly supported us, also providing us with ideas for improvement, especially during our training at their headquarters for the cyclic DSS with the confining pressure system. Thus, we strongly recommend their equipment which we consider perfect for both onshore and offshore markets. We have already bought: 4 DSS, 1 DSS-C, 2CRS, 4 Shear scan pro, and 3 Triaxial systems with bender element. We surely place other orders for new devices to improve and expand our laboratories”

Paolo Brasey
Head of Geotechnical Laboratories
RINA Consulting

DSS-C and Static Simple and Direct Shear

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