Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. This section is designed to provide you with quick and concise answers to common queries, aimed at addressing key aspects of our products and services. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us directly for assistance.


      Is the works calibration ISO/UKAS Certified?

      Unless specifically requested then most items will not be supplied with an ISO/UKAS traceable certificate. If you require ISO/UKAS traceable certification for your order, then please contact the sales department to discuss your requirements.

      VJ Tech can also supply a range of traceable calibration devices that can be used by a laboratory to calibrate or check the performance of a sensor or transducer.

      Are calibration certificates supplied with transducers and sensors?

      Transducers and sensors supplied by us will in most circumstances be supplied with a non-traceable works calibration certificate or specification sheet showing the performance of the sensor or transducer before it leaves VJ Tech.

      It is VJ Tech’s recommendation that all transducers and sensors should have their performance verified before use once received by the customer.

      If you require further information, please contact our sales department.

      Does VJ Tech offer training?

      Yes, we can provide training to help you get the most out of your VJ Tech equipment. We provide short training sessions remotely to help you use the Clisp Studio software package or our team of experienced engineers and geotechnical professionals can provide bespoke courses at our training facility based in Reading or your laboratory.

      Please visit our installation and training services page for more information.

      What is the minimum PC specification required for Clisp Studio?

      For the minimum specification please click here PC Minimum Specification. If you require additional assistance, please contact our sales department.

      How can I find the packing and delivery costs?

      We can provide you with a quote for packing and delivery costs, please contact our Sales team and they will provide you with this information.

      What are my delivery options?

      We use a number of courier companies to provide you with quick, cost-effective delivery depending on what you have ordered. We can also arrange packing of your items for national or international shipment and you can then arrange for your own courier to collect your items. If you are a UK customer, you are of course more than welcome to collect your order from our office in Reading.

      If you require more information please contact our sales department.

      How do I connect a Pro Series instrument to my computer?

      Pro Series instruments can be connected to your computer using either a USB or Ethernet connection.

      If you require further information, please contact our service department.

      Does VJ Tech provide service contracts?

      Yes, we offer a range of service contracts to help support and maintain the instruments as well as keep it operational over the long term. Please contact our service team to discuss your requirements.

      Please note this is currently only offered to UK based laboratories.

      What are the benefits of the Pro Series Instruments?

      The Pro Series range of instruments offer significant benefits over their predecessors. The following list summarises the main benefits.

      • They offer greater resolution (up to 10 times more precise)
      • USB or Ethernet Interface for computer control rather than RS232 meaning multiple instruments can be controlled via a LAN or USB hub
      • More Input Channels. This is especially useful when upgrading our Automatic Consolidation systems to perform CRS & Triaxial tests as all the required sockets for logging are already built into the machine. The same applies to multi-cell triaxial setups when using a TriSCAN Load Frame
      • A colourful integrated 7” Touchscreen display with an intuitive menu structure allowing for easy configuration and standalone control. The display also clearly displays data in table and graphical format without the need for a PC
      • Test setup and control with on-board data logging with large data storage (up to 14 million records) using an internal SD card
      • Stepper Motors used wherever possible to avoid the need for an air supply
      • Closed Loop control for Displacement and Load
      • High Speed ARM Processor with increased rates of sensor data conversion. This allows for improved feedback control, whether it is a Load Frame trying to perform stress control, or a Pressure controller achieving target pressures
      • Built-in Auto Engaging function with definable engage value. This is extremely useful with Oedometer setups where you no longer need to manually move the platen to dock the sample. It is simply a case of entering the seating load required and pressing ‘engage’
      • Built-in Auto protection for sensor limits. Whereas before only the Software could monitor sensor readings and stop the instrument before it reached its Full Scale, now the Pro Series instruments will be continually monitoring sensor readings and stop the machine should it go above the defined protection limit. This is extremely useful for standalone use
      • Auto reverse from limit switch activation

      Can I use Pro Series instruments with older VJ Tech products?

      Yes, in most cases Pro series products can be used alongside older VJ Tech products. To use the Pro series products, a Clisp Studio upgrade may be required, and older instruments may require a firmware upgrade.

      If you require further information, please contact our service team to discuss your requirements.