January 9, 2024

On-site installation and training of a VJ Tech Dynamic Triaxial System with Bender Elements at IIT Hyderabad, India.

Dynamic Triaxial Instrument

At VJ Tech, our commitment to providing state-of-the-art geotechnical solutions and ensuring client satisfaction is paramount. Recently, our geotechnical engineer had the privilege to visit the esteemed IIT in India to install and provide training on our cutting-edge Dynamic Triaxial system with Bender Elements.

The installation and training spanned five days, which ensured the system was set up correctly and the staff were well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to harness its full potential.

Our dedication to excellence was acknowledged by Dr. B Umashankar, the Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, who provided excellent feedback on the equipment and training as follows.

“The Training Program was systematically done. All the major Test Procedures were covered during the Training”.

This collaboration with the IIT Hyderabad marks yet another milestone in VJ Tech’s journey of delivering geotechnical solutions worldwide. We are excited about the feedback provided and the results that will be output by our system.

For more information about this installation or our Dynamic Triaxial system with Bender Elements, please contact us.