Pressure and volume controllers play a crucial role in geotechnical applications, where precise control of pressure and volume is essential for various testing and monitoring purposes.

Pressure controllers are used to apply and regulate pressure on soil or rock specimens during laboratory experiments simulating different field conditions or construction scenarios. Geotechnical engineers use the information gathered to help them understand how the soil or rock will behave under various pressures, so they can make informed decisions on construction projects, foundation design, or slope stability assessments.

Volume controllers are essential for maintaining constant volumes of fluids in geotechnical applications. They are commonly used in consolidation testing, where the volume of water within a soil sample is carefully controlled to simulate the natural consolidation process that occurs over time. The results obtained help engineers assess the settlement characteristics of soils under different loads, aiding in the design and evaluation of foundations for structures like buildings, bridges, and retaining walls.

VJ Tech provides different system setups for pressure and volume controllers and the associated software to control, monitor, execute, and produce accurate results.

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