Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear System

The VJ Tech Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear System integrates high-precision stepper motors in both axes, with reinforced stainless-steel components to ensure high stiffness for minimal compliance, it has been designed to enable:

  • Static Simple Shear
  • Static Direct and Residual Shear
  • Constant Shear tests
  • Oedometer testing

Equipped with five analogue input channels, the VJ Tech Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear System, delivers exceptional accuracy in measuring load and displacement (on both axes), as well as Pore Water Pressure (optional). This comprehensive data acquisition capability is essential for detailed analysis and validation of soil behaviour under various stress conditions. The system is designed primarily to be used with our Clisp Studio software, which offers a user-friendly interface for test configuration, execution, and data acquisition and processing.

  • Supports Simple Shear, Residual shear, standard Direct Shear tests, as well as, advanced test types such as slow cyclic shear via our Clisp Studio Module (+/- 20mm travel from the mid-point of the sample).
  • Stepper motor for both axis allowing active control of Vertical and Horizontal movement.
  • Capable of performing Oedmoeter tests (requires additional components)
  • Compact tabletop design to minimise footprint
  • Multiple Units can be controlled from single PC via a LAN or Ethernet/USB hub
  • Built-in logger allowing high speed sensor data conversion (24 bit, up to 5000 samples/s)
  • Built-in live data tables and graphs for immediate analysis and real-time data visualization
  • Built-in auto protection for mechanical limits & sensor limits
  • Built-in auto engage and 16GB Internal SD card
  • Allows data export via USB for analysis in Excel directly from the machine
Vertical Load (Maximum)
10 kN
Horizontal Shear Force (Maximum)
10 kN
Horizontal Travel (Maximum)
+/- 20 mm (nominal)
Speed Range
0.001-99.99999 mm/min
Electrical Requirement
90-240VAC 50/60Hz 1ph
Dimensions (W x D x H)
1100 x 400 x 900 mm
116 kg
Test Performed
  • Static Simple Shear
  • Static Direct & Residual Shear
  • Constant Shear
  • Oedometer Testing
BS1377-5 BS1377-7 : 1990 BS1377-2: 2022
BS EN ISO 17892-5 : 2017 BS EN ISO 17892-10 : 2018
ASTM D2435-04 ASTM D2435-11 ASTM D3080-04 ASTM D3080-11 ASTM D6528-17 ASTM D6528-07
AS1289.6.6.1 -1998 AS 1289.6.6.1-2020 Q181C AS1289.6.2.2 : 1998
XP P94-090-1
Static Simple Shear Sample Kits

A complete sample kit comprising of a Top Cap, Base Pedestal, set of 12 rings for sample confinement made of uniform thickness with two thicker rings of each end, a sample former and mould clamp for sample assembly and 1 pack of membranes and orings. A variety of Diameters available up to 70mm dia. 


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