Dynamic Cyclic Simple and Direct Shear Apparatus (DSS)

The VJ Tech Dynamic Simple & Direct Shear System is an advanced, versatile testing solution expertly designed to conduct a variety of shear tests, including Dynamic Simple Shear, Direct/Residual Shear, and Direct Simple Shear.

This system features two precision electro-mechanical actuators that facilitate both horizontal and vertical movements. These actuators are seamlessly controlled by the state-of-the-art Dual Axis Dynamic Servo Controller (DSC3000MM), which connects to a PC via Ethernet or USB, ensuring user-friendly operation and robust data management via our Clisp Studio Software Module.

The Dynamic Simple & Direct Shear System is enhanced by its interchangeable assembly options, allowing the user to switch between Direct Shear and Simple Shear setups based on their specific testing requirements. It is especially suitable for conducting cyclic controlled tests, thanks to its ability to generate a variety of waveforms such as Sine, Square, Triangular, Haversine, Rectangular, and Saw Tooth, in addition to accommodating User Defined waveforms.

• High Stiffness with low compliance
• Capable of Direct/Residual Shear tests using water carriage assembly supplied as standard
• Capable of static & cyclic Simple Shear tests using the stainless steel/hard anodised assembly
• 10kN Vertical and Horizontal Load
• Active height control
• Closed Loop Control
• Adaptive PID (Peak and Trough Control)
• USB or Ethernet connectivity for PC Control
• High Speed sensor conversion (24-bit, 500Hz)
• Electro-mechanical control using the DSC3000MM for Vertical and Horizontal loading
• Data Logging Rate (200 Points/Cycle or 500 Points/Sec)
• Full control from a PC (running Clisp Studio)
• Waveforms available: Sinusoidal, Triangular, Square, Haversine, Saw Tooth, User Defined
• Supplied with all transducer and load cell brackets
• Low friction retaining rings for specimen confinement when conducting simple shear tests
• Pore pressure measurement (optional)

Horizontal & Vertical Dynamic Frequency Range
0.0001 - 10.0000 Hz
Horizontal & Vertical Dynamic Load
+/- 10 kN
Horizontal Travel
Simple Shear (45 mm), Direct Shear (20 mm)
Vertical Travel
Simple Shear (25 mm), Direct Shear (20 mm)
Sample Size (Simple Shear)
50, 63.5, 70, and 100-mm diameter with accessories and 12 Confining Low Friction Rings
Sample Size (Direct Shear)
60, 70 & 100-mm Optional Diameter/Square Sample boxes, nominal 20 mm height
Cyclic Waveforms
Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, Haversine, Saw Tooth or User Defined
Electrical Requirement
90-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1ph
PC Interface
Ethernet or USB
Test Performed

• Cyclic Simple Shear test (various control methods available in both axis in force, displacement, stress and height control)
• Static Simple Shear test (with active height control)
• Direct Shear
• Residual Direct Shear

BS1377-7 : 1990
BS EN ISO 17892-10 : 2018
ASTM D3080-04 ASTM D3080-11 ASTM D6528-07 ASTM D6528-17
AS1289.6.2.2 : 1998
Cyclic Simple Shear Sample Kits (Rings)

A complete sample kit comprising of a Top Cap, Base Pedestal, set of 12 rings for sample confinement made of uniform thickness with two thicker rings at each end, a sample former and mould clamp for sample assembly, and 1 pack of membranes and O-rings. A variety of diameters up to 70mm are available .

Upgrade Options *
Bender Element Testing
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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