October 8, 2019

The following items shown in Figure 1 will be required to prepare a sample and place into a VJ Tech Rowe cell.

Rowe Cell Image 1 Amended

Using the cutter ring, create a test specimen. This can be done either by pushing the ring (cutting edge first) into a block of soil or undisturbed specimen of a larger diameter than the ring; or remoulding a sample into the ring. Use the trimming tool to cut excess material from around the cutter ring and level the specimen (Figure 2).

Rowe Cell Image Sample in a cutter ring

Placing Sample into Rowe Cell Mould

First turn the body of the Rowe cell upside down and place on top of a bench (Figure 3).

Rowe Mould Turned Upside Down

Next place the extension ring over the base of the cell as shown in Figure 4.

Extension Ring on base of mould

Next carefully place the cutter ring with the sample into the extension ring as shown in Figure 5.

Cutter ring placed into extension ring

Place the dolly onto the specimen (Figure 6), and carefully push the sample out of the cutter ring into the Rowe cell body.

Dolly placed onto sample

Stop pushing the sample once the sample is located just below to top of the cell body and remove the cutter and extension ring (Figure 7).

Sample pushed into CRS Cell Body

Now carefully turn the cell body the correct way up and place onto the base of the cell.