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Building better technology
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Recent VJ Tech Installion in South Dakota, USA
published by :Peter Gawen on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 4:34:56 PM

On-Site Installation in South Dakota USA

VJ Tech recently installed one System in South Dakota USA, capable of carrying out three different testing configurations:

Dynamic Triaxial Setup

  • A Dynamic Triaxial setup (10 kN/10 Hz) for cyclic triaxial tests. A dynamic triaxial cell, with the capability to accommodate samples up to 75 mm in diameter, was included. The system was supplied with an air pressure controller and an Air-Water cylinder to provide the confining pressure, as well as a hydraulic pressure controller for the control of the Back pressure. With this system, cyclic triaxial tests (under stress or strain control) can be performed to soil samples following the procedures in the ASTM D5311 standard.

Resilient Modulus Setup

  • A Resilient Modulus setup. This included a pressure controller for the control of the confining pressure and the same dynamic actuator used in the cyclic triaxial tests. The system is able to perform Resilient Modulus tests under AASHTO T-307, AS1289 and Q137 standards.

Unsaturated Triaxial Setup

  • A static Unsaturated Triaxial setup with the ability to test partially saturated samples with an applied suction up to 1,000 kPa using the axis translation technique. A double-wall triaxial cell, able to determine sample volume changes accurately is included in this system. The cell was equipped with a 5 Bar High Air Entry ceramic disc on the base pedestal for the control of the pore water pressure. The dynamic actuator was used as the load controller for the static unsaturated triaxial tests.

Summary of training session:

During the training, an overview of the three systems was presented and the trainees had the chance to observe the preparation of samples and instruments for each one of the systems. Clisp studio was explained and all three software modules were presented. Demo tests were performed and the trainees had the chance to observe the testing procedures and automation capabilities of our software. Finally, trainees had the chance to put their hands on by running demo tests on their own, under the supervision of the VJ Tech’s engineer, to familiarise themselves with the equipment and testing procedures.


"Training was really insighful. We learned about the Dynamic Triaxial Test, Resilient Modulus Test and Unsaturated Triaxial Test. The learning module was really well organized"

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