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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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VJ Tech Limited attends numerous seminars and exhibitions during the year to showcase the knowledge and Equipment gained over the last 25 years, These pages annouce some of those attendances and describe the events for the upcoming few months. We hold events at our training centre and subscribers can register for these events as they are posted here.


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VJ Tech Open Day 2018
published by :Peter Gawen (VJ Tech) on Monday, January 01, 1900 12:00:00 AM

VJ Tech Open Day 2018

VJ Tech held an Open Day on Tuesday 3rd July 2018, to mark the official launch of our new Pro Series. The Open Day was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who attended. There was much interest in all of our products, both the new Pro Instruments and the existing systems and accessories.

Following introductions and a welcome speech by the CEO Nathan Vimalan, there was a short presentation on the VJ Tech's growth followed by demonstrations of the different systems in our HQ and Training Centre.

After a tour of our nearby factory and a hot and cold buffet lunch (with champagne!), people were able to network and ask specific questions about any equipment of interest to them. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with everybody enjoying the day and leaving with a goody bag containing a number of gifts. The following pictures show some of the events of the day.

Below is a short time lapse video of the day, followed by a number of pictures showing some of the events of the day.


Automated Triaxial System with Clisp Studio Results Graphs Displayed


Multi-Purpose Frame & Cell with APCs (L) and Dynamic Simple Shear with Confining Pressure System (R)

Unit 1 Presentations and Equipment Demonstrations







Unit 5 Manufacturing Items in Progress and Large Shear Demonstration





We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Open Day

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