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Uninstalling Clisp Studio

Uninstalling Clisp Studio

Nov 24 2014

Uninstalling Clisp Studio

A tutorial video of this guide is available on youtube, click here to view. 


Before uninstalling Clisp Studio so a new version can be installed the following actions should be taken:

  1. It is recommended that no tests should be running before you uninstall Clisp. Tests should be completed or stopped at a convenient point before uninstalling takes place.
  2. VJ Tech recommends as a precaution that the Clisp Studio database is backed up before you uninstall the software. To back up a database in Clisp Studio please see the support document SUP0008 – Clisp Studio Backing up a Database.

Uninstalling Clisp Studio - Windows 7

Shut down Clisp Studio and go to the start button and select the control panel option.

Figure 1 - Control Panel

Depending on how your control pane is configured you will need to select the “Uninstall a Program” option (see figure 2) or the “Programs and Features” option (see figure 3).

Figure 2 - Uninstall a program

Figure 3 - Programs and Features

Allow a short period of time for Windows to update this window. Select Clisp Studio from the programs listed. (figure 4)

Figure 4 - Uninstalling Clisp Studio

Press the Uninstall button and follow the instructions as Windows removes Clisp Studio.

Important Please note:

  • That you must only uninstall Clisp Studio. Do not uninstall any other programs put onto your computer during the intial Clisp Studio installation.
  • The Calibrations and test data will not be removed when uninstalling Clisp Studio.


A pdf copy of this blog is available, click here to download.