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Building better technology
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New Paper Published - Resilient Modulus lime-treated expansive upgrade

New Paper Published - Resilient Modulus lime-treated expansive upgrade

Dec 14 2015

Resilient modulus lime-treated expansive subgrade

New Paper published by King Saud University, Saudi and Cairo University, Egypt

In June 2014 a VJ Tech Engineer travelled to Saudi Arabia to install a resilient modulus system and to provide training. With the help of our equipment they have now managed to produce a paper that was presented at the XV Panamerican conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Click here to download the paper.

Abstract. Proper design of lime-treated subgrade requires knowledge of the stress-strain behavior under repeated traffic load. Limited research exists regarding the resilient modulus (MR) of lime-treated expansive soils. This study investigates the effect of lime treatment on the MR of an expansive soil from city of Tabuk in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tests were performed in accordance with AASHTO T-307. Tests variables included lime content (2%, 4% and 6% by dry weight of soil) and curing period (7 and 28 days). Experimental results mainly revealed an increase in MR values due to lime treatment. In addition, the variation of MR with deviatoric stress revealed trends of strain softening behavior in case of untreated soils and lime-treated soils cured for 7 days. However, lime treated soils cured for 28 days experienced some strain hardening behavior with high dependency on confining pressure. Furthermore, the MR of lime treated expansive subgrade was observed to be highly dependent on lime content and curing period. Finally, results were fitted using the three-parameter model to determine the stiffness coefficients (k1, k2, k3).

Resilient Modulus System

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