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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Large Sample Rowe Cell - 252.3 mm - 10 Inch

Large Sample Rowe Cell - 252.3 mm - 10 Inch

Mar 31 2014

VJ Tech has recently developed a Rowe Consolidation Cell suitable for a 252.3 mm (10”) sample. The Rowe cell is a development of the original cell designed by Professor P W Rowe at Manchester University, England. The cell is precision made specifically for soil testing laboratories and there are other Rowe Cells available to suit a number of specimen sizes. They are capable of withstanding varying confining pressures up to 1750 kPa (dependent on the sample diameter) and are designed with specially coated material to minimise corrosion. VJ Tech’s csRowe Software enables test set up, control, live data viewing during the test and exportable results.

The VJ Tech Rowe Cell Testing System utilises a hydraulic APC to apply vertical load to the sample contained in the cell. The advantage of this type of cell is that drainage can be precisely controlled. In addition, the hydraulic loading system gives accurate control of applied loads over a wide range, including high pressures on large diameter samples.

Main Advantages

·     Large sample diameter

·     Hydraulic actuation of load

·     Sample Area: 50,000mm2

·     Sample Height: 90mm

·     Maximum working pressure 1000kPa

·     5 x no-volume change valves (2 x PWP in base)

·     Supplied with flexible porous discs, plastic liners and inserts.


·     Maximum Sample Diameter – 252.3mm (10”)

·     Maximum Working Pressure – 1000kPa

·     Height – 600mm

·     Diameter – 540mm

·     Weight – 35.4kg

Clisp Studio Rowe Software Module

Requires Windows operating System:

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later)
  • Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Switchable between 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Polish & Chinese)

Data stored in MS SQL database

Data export in industry standard formats


  • Conforms to BS1377-6
  • Optional Swelling Stage
  • User defined Saturation cycles (ramp and check)
  • User defined Consolidation cycles (Loading, Holding and Unloading phases)
  • Customisable System Units
  • Easy instrument and equipment setup and calibration
  • Tests can be set up and run on an individual client, job, borehole and sample basis
  • Easy test setup using wizard style Assistant
  • Automated Test Control 
  • User configurable data logging
  • On screen calculation of t50 and t90 values
  • E-mail test status
  • Live view of sensor readings and status
  • Live Data Views
    • Swelling Data View (Measured Input Data, Initial Displacement, Specimen Stress, Swelling Pressure)
    • Saturation Raw Data View (Measured Input Data, Calculated B-Value)
    • Consolidation Live Data (Measured Input Data, Initial Vertical Stress, Initial PWP, Initial Settlement, Time)
    • Consolidation Results Data (Target Stress, Initial Temperature, Final Temperature, t50, t90, Secondary Compression, Voids Ratio, Compressibility, Consolidation, Cumulative Change in Height)
  • Live graphical display of logged and calculated data
    • Swelling Data Graph (Time vs Specimen Stress)
    • Saturation Raw Data Graph (Time vs Pore Water Input)
    • Saturation Results Graph (Vertical Stress Input vs B-Value)
    • Consolidation Graphs
      • Undrained Loading (Time vs Pore Water Input)
      • PWP Consolidation (Time vs PWP Dissipation)
      • Settlement Consolidation (Time vs Cumulative Change in Height)
      • Volume Change Consolidation (Time vs Cumulative Change in Volume)
      • Specimen Stress Graphs (Effective Specimen Stress vs Voids Ratio/Settlement/Consolidation/Compressibility)
  • Live tabular display of logged and calculated data
    • Swelling Data Table (Time, Vertical Stress Input, Strain Input, Swelling Pressure, Pore Water Input)
    • Saturation Data Table (Time, Pore Water Input, Vertical Stress Input, Volume Input)
    • Saturation Results Table (Vertical Stress Input, Back Pressure Input, Pore Water Input, B-value)
    • Consolidation Tables
      • Undrained Loading (PWP) Table (Time, Pore Water Input, Vertical Stress Input, Strain Input, Specimen Stress, Volume Input)
      • Drained Consolidation Table (Time, Pore Water Input, Vertical Stress Input, Strain Input, Back Pressure Input, Volume Input, Effective Specimen Stress, PWP Dissipation, Cumulative Change in Height & Cumulative Change in Volume)
  • User configurable views, graphs and tables (customisable from Input, Measured and Result data)
  • Customised presentation reports on request