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Building better technology
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How to Upgrade VJ Tech Instrument Firmware.

Dec 11 2013

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Note: These instructions are applicable for all instruments EXCEPT: Acons2 and APCH2 (Contact "Service at VJ" for instructions on how to upgrade the firmware of these two Instruments).

  1. New Firmware for an Instrument is loaded using the Flash Loader program. If the Flash Loader program needs to be installed, click on the ‘setup.exe’ icon and follow the instructions (Figure 1)


    Figure 1 - Installing the Flash Loader program

  2. The new Firmware for an Instrument will be sent as a compiled Hex file and can be loaded in whichever location is required by the User.
  3. The Flash Loader program can then be run from the VJ Tech folder selected from the ‘Start->All Programs’ menu (Figure 2).


    Figure 2 - Installing the Flash Loader program

  4. The screen in Figure 3 will be displayed.


    Figure 3 - VJ Tech Flash Programmer Panel

  5. Locate the compiled Hex file which has been loaded using the ‘Select’ button and browsing to the correct directory (Figure 4).
  6. Then select the Serial Port that the Instrument is connected to using the drop down menu (Figure 4).


    Figure 4 - Selecting Compiled Hex File and COM Port

  7. Now switch the Instrument off, switch it back on again and within the next 5 seconds click on the ‘Burn’ button (Figure 5) to commence installation of the firmware. The screen shown in Figure 6 is displayed.


    Figure 5 - Select 'Burn' to Commence Installation

    SUP0001_ FirmwareLoadingScreen

    Figure 6 - Firmware Loading Screen

  8. Once the installation is complete the screen shown in Figure 7 is displayed.


    Figure 7 - Firmware successfully installed