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Clisp Studio Release

Clisp Studio Release

Aug 17 2016

Clisp Studio Release

A new release of Clisp Studio is now available for download (link at the bottom of the page). There have been many changes/fixes, for a full list of the changes made please see the release notes.

Here are a just few of the changes/fixes made to Clisp Studio:

  • Clisp Studio desktop icons have changed. For those familiar with using older versions of Clisp Studio, here is how the Desktop Icon will now appear:


Figure 1: New Clisp Studio Icons

  • New Archive all button added. This will close all active Tests only.

Figure 2: Archive All button located near the top of the Test Explorer

 New 'Save' button added to save a sequence of schedules. Can be very useful when using the same sequence of saturation/consolidation schedules for csTriax & csOedo.

Figure 3: New Save Button for Schedule sequences

  • csBender has a new 'Burst Count' feature. Allowing it to fire multiple waveforms in sequence.

Figure 4: Multiple waveform option

  • New feature for automatically generating the frame corrections for an oedometer frame to be used in csOedo (Acons & Acons2).

Figure 5: Automtaic Correction

  • Two new graphs added: All specimens (opens graphs for each specimen); Combined Graph: Opens a single graph showing all specimens plotted on it
  • New Instruments added: Shaker Table, DSC1000 & DSC3000.


  • Case 1442: Failing to trigger consolidation stage fixed.
  • Case 1668: Fixed so pressures can be set using a manual pressure system.


  • Case 1467: Initial setup changed to be similar to csDynaDSS-C.
  • Case 1632: Stopping condition missing; Consecutive Stress Drop stopping condition has been restored.


  • Case 1460: Applied load cursor; 'Compression Index' removed as per ASTM standard.
  • Case 1448: Vertical Stress graph now saves when cursors are hidden
  • Case 1492: The t90 cursor for the unload sequence (swelling) has been flipped vertically to allow for correct adjustment.
  • Case 1622: Double Collapsible Specimen - second specimen added to summary report sheet.
  • Case 1531: If 'Take Initial Log' is selected, it is obeyed regardless of whether trigger conditions exist or not.


  • Case 1343: Stress ratio option for stopping criteria in the test assistant is disabled to the user cannot select them on the final shear stage of a multistage CU and CS Triaxial test.
  • Case 1487: B.P Controller sent wrong target - Caused by improper initialisation of the Automation Variable (Initial Back Pressure).
  • Case 1594: Loading bar added when saturation schedules are being loaded.
  • Case 1523: Highest achieved B-Value now appears in Report summary.
  • Case 1530: Controllers can now be selected as 'Not Used' in the Hardware setup so users can have Semi-Manual operation.
  • Case 1637 & 1646: Fixed so manual intervention messages appear when required.
  • Case 1704: Deviator Stress now calculates correctly.


  • Case 1419: Default set to 'Stop' for Shearbox/Triaxial frame so that instruments stop once test has stopped.
  • Case 1497: (1) Option added in the wizard to include or exclude variables one by one. Units and display resolution can also be changed. (2) Each instrument is now capable of having its own set of registers, and the Triaxial/Shear frames have a new register "Speed" (those with a vertical axis also include "Vertical Load").
  • Case 1474: Instruments are now cleared from Automation screens.
  • Case 1684: 'Wait until the following delay expires' trigger condition fixed.


  • Case 1463: Graph now plotting normal stress
  • Case 1522: (1) Variable added to the plan so the reverse stage works correctly. (2) Hardware setup fixed so volume cannot be selected as a channel when Pore Water controller is selected. (3) Test now maintains pressures correctly when required. (4) New stop criteria added - When Shear Stress drops the following number of consecutive times.


  • Case 1450: (1) Stopping condition added for ShearStress, Time, ShearStressFalls to all monotonic shearing schedules (static, cyclic, liquefaction). (2) Onscreen calculation helper for Total Horizontal Stress added.
  • Case 1655: 'Open/Close valve' Messages have been corrected to display as expected.
  • Case 1719: User defined waveforms added.


  • Case 1412: (1) Saving custom waveform files fixed. (2) Displayed Units in custom waveforms - see release notes


  • Case 1664: (1) Schedule icons correctly update depending on where automation is selected. (2) The option to wait must always be disabled if the effective pressure is not a trigger condition - fixed. (3) The variable Specimen Stress is now logged in the swelling stage of the test. (4) The swelling pressure graph (Time vs Specimen Stress) now plots correctly. (5) Specimen stress now logged for saturation stage.

csResilient Modulus

  • Case 1708: Multiple issues fixed - see release notes for full details.
  • Case 1670: Logging options restricted so you can only log all cycles if requested number of cycles is <=250. If >250 it reverts back to standard based logging. This will greatly reduce the dataset size.
  • Case 1683: AG Standard now uses MaskList for decide which cycles to log during deformation stages.

To Download the Latest Version of Clisp Studio click on the link below:


Release notes can be found at the end of installation.


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