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Building better technology
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Automatic Consolidation Test System - Datasheet

Nov 21 2014

Automatic Consolidation Testing System - ACONS

Related Standards: BS 1377-5 : 1990;ASTM D4235-04; AS 1289.6.6.1; XP PG4-090-1

VJ Tech take pride in simplifying procedures for all modern day laboratories, saving our clients time and money. The design and manufacture of our ACONS system achieves this once again.

The Automatic CONsolidation System is simple and easy to use, specifically designed to carry out the Oedometer test.

Automatic Consolidation Instrument (ACONS)


  • Large LED Graphic Display
  • Simple 16 key operation
  • Computer controlled operation - daisy chained to enable multiple tests to be run simultaneously and independently*
  • On board calibration and linearisation
  • No weights required
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading sequences*
  • Automatic load application can nearly halve test time*
  • Space saving - far smaller footprint than conventional dead weight system
    * When used with csOEDO software

VJT-csOEDO: Clisp Studio Oedometer


  • User defined data logging intervals
  • User defined loading & unloading increments
  • Automatic loading (subject to software)
  • On screen measurement of T50 & T90 values
  • Live Tabular display of logged and calculated data
  • Live Graphical display of logged and calculated data
  • User defined views/graphs/tables
  • Standard predefined presentation reports
  • Export of data to Excel & test script export and import
  • Customised reports (at additional cost)

Ordering Information

 VJT0650A  ACONS Pneumatic Loading Consolidation Frame, complete with built in pneumatic force controller



VJT0110-MIT  Digital Dial Gauge, 25 mm x 0.001 mm with 2 metre cable
VJT0271 Displacement transducer, 25 mm with cable and 5-pin DIN plug
VJT0284 Transducer Bracket for LSCT transducer
VJT1010-1D Single Channel digital dial gauge interface for PC
VJT1010-4D Four Channel digital dial gauge interface for PC
VJT0545 Air Compressor 10 Bar, with 50 litre receiver and 2.5HP motor
VJT0545F Filter for air compressor, with autodrain for clean air supply
VJTcsOdo Clisp Studio Consolidation Software



 Sample Diameter   50 mm          75 mm         100mm
 Maximum Load 8000 kPa       3500 kPa       2000kPa
 Maximum Frame Capacity  15kN (with 800 kPa air pressure input)
 Resolution 1 N
 Power 110/240V AC 50/60 Hz
 (W x D x H)
200 x 200 x 430 mm 
 Weight 29.1 kg 


You can use any of our Consolidation Cells; other manufacturers cells may be used with a special adaptor, which can be obtained from VJ Tech on request.

The ACONS supports all VJ Tech's range of data loggers either with LSCT or Digital Dial Gauge transducers for the measurement of sample settlement.

Consolidation Cells

Our fixed ring cells are made from corrosion-resistant material. The soil sample is placed on the lower porous disc with the cutter ring surrounding it. The cell ring them clamps down the cutter ring and the pressure pad (which has the upper porous disc attached to it) is placed over the sample. The whole of this assembly is enclosed within a Perspex cylinder.

Cell Accessories

   50 mmSample 2.5" Sample 75 mm Sample 100 mm Sample
 Complete Cell VJT0655 VJT0660 VJT0665 VJT0665-100
Upper Porous Disc VJT0656 VJT0661 VJT0666 VJT0666-100
Lower Porous Disc VJT0657 VJT0662 VJT0667 VJT0667-100
Cutting Ring VJT0658 VJT0663 VJT0668 VJT0668-100
Calibration Disc VJT0659 VJT0664 VJT0669 VJT06690-100

Note: Alternative/customer sample sizes on request.