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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Tel: +44 (0)118 945 3737

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Pro Compact Automatic Triaxial Testing System

Pro Series Compact Triaxial Testing System

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The VJ Tech Compact Automatic Triaxial Testing System is capable of providing fully automatic total and effective Triaxial testing for samples up to 50 mm diameter and Loads up to 10 kN using the TriSCAN 10 Kn Triaxial Frame, including:

  • Consolidated Drained (CD)
  • Consolidated Undrained (CU)
  • Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) &
  • Stress Path tests

The Pro Dual Automatic Pressure Controller is used to control and measure both Cell and Back Pressure and Volume control for Pressures up to 3500 kPa.

Our advanced Clisp Studio software is used via USB or Ethernet connection to set-up and monitor the Test, showing the results as the Test unfolds. Once complete, Test results can be evaluated, and various reports produced and then exported to PC for further evaluation if required.


Pro Compact Automatic Triaxial Testing System

 System Features

  • Compact design (small footprint)
  • USB or Ethernet Interface for computer control
  • Integrated 7" (178 mm) Colour Touchscreen Displays for data input and control
  • High speed ARM processors
  • Accepts 35 mm (1.38"), 38 mm (1.5") and 50 mm (2") Triaxial cells (supplied separately)
  • Up to 6 input channels (1 x Digital & 5 x Analogue) on both instruments
  • High speed sensor data conversion (24 bit, up to 4000 samples/sec)
  • Built-in Auto engage function with definable engage value
  • Auto reverse from limit switch activation
  • Built-in auto protection for sensor limits
  • Non-volatile Memory for sensitive data
  • On-board data logging of specified conditions with large data storage (up to 14 million records) on internal SD cards (8Gb standard)
  • Data export to PC for manipulation within Excel
  • Built-in live data table and graphs

Detailed product specifications

Details of system shown

Triscan Pro Advanced Frame Frame   10 kN (2248 lbf) capacity with inbuilt datalogging
Pro Dual Automatic Pressure Controller    
3500 kPa (508 psi) for both Cell and Back Pressure control
Triaxial Cell
50 mm (2") with additional Base Pedestal and Top Cap for sample
Transducers Load (10kN (2248 lbf)), Displacement (25 mm (1")) & PWP (10 bar (145 psi))
Support Stand One for both Triaxial frame and Dual APC
Software Clisp Studio csTRIAX module

Additional items available

Water Distribution Panels                            
2-Way, 4-Way , 6-Way or 8-Way as required
Ethernet Router
5-Port, 1 Gb (must work to 10 Mbps)
Alternative Sample Sizes
Base Pedestals & Top Caps for 35 mm and 38 mm
Alternative Load Cells
2.5kN (562 psi), 5kN (1124 psi)
Alternative Displacement Transducers
LSCT (10 mm (0.4")), DDG (10 or 25 mm (0.4" or (1"))

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