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for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear Apparatus

Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear Table Top Apparatus

Part Number : VJT2585-SS
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Note: The displayed image shows the basic VJT Product with some additional accessories

The VJ Tech Pro Satic Simple and Direct Shear apparatus (shown here without the Control Box fitted) uses stepper motors for applying vertical and horizontal load to the sample and the Advanced electronics enable theinstrument to carry out Simple, Direct and Residual Shear.

With additional accessories, the Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear instrument can also carry out Constant Shear and Oedometer testing (requires additional Clisp Studio modules). The self-contained tabletop model eliminates the need for the numerous weights used in dead weight systems. In normal mode, it interfaces with a PC via USB or Ethernet connection for automated Remote control using our renowned Clisp Studio software.

The Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear incorporates an integrated 7" colour touchscreen display for standalone control with Test setup and data logging facilities, and data is stored on an internal SD card in Excel compatible format. There is a built-in Auto engaging function with a definable engage value and auto reverse from limit switch activation to prevent damage and a 10 kN (2176 lbf) Vertical Load Cell and Water Bath is included.

Pro Static Simple and Direct Shear Apparatus


  • Compact design (small footprint)
  • Stepper motors to generate Vertical and Horizontal force
  • Capable of Cyclic Shear & Direct Shear and/or Residual Shear
  • Capable of Oedometric testing using supplied adaptor (requires csOEDO)
  • Constant Vertical Stress
  • Constant Height
  • Constant Stiffness
  • Sample sizes of 60mm, 63.5, 70 or 100 mm (square or circular) - other sizes available on request
  • Includes 10kN (2176 lbf) Vertical Load cell
  • Horizontal S-Beam additional (Internal Submersible Load Cell setup available on request)
  • 5 Analogue input channels (2 x Displacement, 2 x Load and 1 x Pore WateR Pressure)
  • USB or Ethernet Interface for computer control
  • Integrated 7" Touchscreen Display for standalone control
  • Test setup and control facilities
  • On-board data logging with large data storage (up to 14 million records) on internal SD card (8Gb standard)
  • Data export via USB link for manipulation within Excel
  • High speed ARM processor
  • High speed sensor data conversion (24 bit, up to 4000 samples/sec)
  • Built-in live data table and graphs
  • Built-in Auto engage function with definable engage value
  • Auto reverse from limit switch activation
  • Built-in auto protection for sensor limits
  • Non-volatile Memeory for sensitive data

Detailed product specifications

Vertical Load  10 kN (2248 lbf)
Horizontal Shear Force 10 kN (2248 lbf)*
Horizontal Travel +/- 20 mm
Controlled Strain Rate      0.00001-9.99999 mm/min
Maximum Strain Rate
0.00000-99.99999 mm/min
Power 90-240VAC 50/60Hz 1ph
Dimensions (W x D x H) 950 x 500 x 750 mm
Weight 68 kg
*from November 2018 onwards

Product Documentation

ShearSCAN Pro Datasheet

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