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Building better technology
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Tel: +44 (0)118 945 3737

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Hollow Cylinder (Dynamic) Apparatus

Hollow Cylinder Apparatus

Part Number : VJT-HC-100-60
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The VJ Tech Hollow Cylinder (Dynamic) Apparatus utilises 2 electro mechanical dynamic actuators (controlled by Dynamic Servo Controllers) for applying the vertical and horizontal (rotational) loads to the hollow ring sample which is held inside an adapted, Triaxial type Cell fitted with a lifting mechanism.

The vertical and horizontal displacements are measured with Encoders which are part of the servo motors. The maximum range of travel in each axis is protected by a limit switch and the operator can press an emergency button on the front if necessary.

Hollow Cylinder (Dynamic) Apparatus


  • Capable of Dynamic Hollow Cylinder tests (10 kN, 100 Nm and 5 Hz)
  • Electro-mechanical control using the DSC3000MM for Vertical loading and Horizontal torque
  • Data logging via the DSC3000MM (up to 8 Input Channels per Axis)
  • Cell Top lift included as standard
  • Balance Ram included as standard
  • Load/Torque, 100 mm Displacement & 20 Bar Pressure sensors included, as well as brackets and de-airing block
  • Can perform Dynamic Triaxial Tests (subject to additional hardware)
  • Can accommodate on-sample sensors (subject to additional hardware)

Detailed product specifications

 Vertical Dynamic Actuator
0.0001 - 5 Hz, +/- 10 kN 
 Horizontal  Dynamic Actuator (Torque)
0.0001 - 5 Hz, +/- 100 Nm
 Confining Pressure
2000 kPa
 Sample Size
Outer diameter 100 mm; Inner diameter 60 mm; Height 200 mm
 Dimensions (W x D x H)
910 x 722 x 2380 mm
390 kg

Product Documentation

Dynamic (Cyclic) Simple Shear with Confining Pressure Datasheet

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