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Building better technology
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Tel: +44 (0)118 945 3737

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High Pressure Dynamic (Cyclic) Triaxial Cell (100mm (4")) 3500 kPa

VJT0400-DYN-3500 - Dynamic (Cyclic) Triaxial Cell (100mm (4

Part Number : VJT0400-DYN-3.5
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VJ Tech's range of Dynamic (Cyclic) Triaxial cells are precision made specifically for dynamic (cyclic) triaxial testing in soil testing laboratories.

They are available in various sizes to suit a range of specimen sizes and are capable of withstanding confining pressures up to 2000 kPa (3500 kPa for the 75 mm and the new 105 mm cell).

They are designed with specially coated material to minimise corrosion and have two sealable cable exit holes in the base to allow for Bender testing. Larger diameter Cells have additional sealable cable exit holes or an Access Ring for other internal transducers.

High Pressure Dynamic (Cyclic) Triaxial Cell (100mm (4")) 3500 kPa


  • Special low friction linear bearing
  • This product requires a dynamic Internal Submersible Load Cell and Suction Top Cap (supplied separately)
  • Seven inlet/outlet ports with zero volume change valves on Base
  • Hard anodised for increased corrosion protection
  • Transparent acrylic chamber
  • Suction valve on Top
  • Pressure control relief outlet
  • Cable bung holes in base for bender tests
  • Clamps supplied for anchoring cell to supporting frame for additional safety
  • Interchangeable pedestals and top caps for different sample sizes up to 105 mm (4") (supplied separately)

Detailed product specifications

Maximum Sample Diameter   105 mm (4")
Maximum Sample Height 210 mm (8.27")
Maximum Pressure 3500 kPa (508 psi)
Maximum Axial Load
100 kN
Height 670 mm (26.4")
Diameter 480 mm (18.9")
Weight 29.1 kg (64.2 lb)

Product Documentation

Dynamic Triaxial Cells datasheet

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