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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Tel: +44 (0)118 945 3737

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ACONS Pro Multi-Purpose Frame

ACONS Pro Multi-Purpose Frame

Part Number : VJT0650M2-P
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Our new ACONS Pro Multi-Purpose Frame (MPF) is truly flexible, being capable of:

Triaxial Testing: Fully Automatic Total and Effective Stress testing for samples up to 50 mm including;

  • Consolidated Drained (CD) testing
  • Consolidated Undrained (CD) testing
  • Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) testing
  • Stress Path testing
Consolidation testing: Fully Automatic Oedometer testing using standard Consolidation Cells from 50 mm up to 100 mm diameter

When fitted with our Multi-Purpose Cell, & using the interchangeable sample kits this frame can be used for;

  • Consolidated Rate of Strain  (CRS) testing
  • Stress Dependent - Soil Water Characteristic Curve (SD-SWCC) testing or 
  • Consolidation testing

ACONS Pro Multi-Purpose Frame


  • Compact design (small footprint)
  • USB or Ethernet Interface for computer control
  • Integrated 7" Touchscreen Display for standalone control
  • On-board data logging with large data storage (up to 14 million records) on internal SD card (8Gb standard)
  • Data export to USB flash drive or to PC for manipulation within Excel
  • High speed ARM processor
  • Includes 15kN (2176 PSI) Load cell
  • Accepts consolidation cells from 50 mm (2") to 100 mm  (4") (supplied separately)
  • Capable of CRS test but will require additional items
  • Capable of SWCC Testing with additional components
  • Suitable for use with Perm Consolidation Cells (supplied separately)
  • Suitable for Unsaturated Consolidation Cells (supplied separately)
  • Up to 3 input channels (1 x Digital & 2 x Analogue)
  • High speed sensor data conversion (24 bit, up to 4000 samples/sec)
  • Built-in live data table and graphs
  • Built-in Auto engage function with definable engage value
  • Auto reverse from limit switch activation
  • Built-in auto protection for sensor limits
  • Non-volatile Memeory for sensitive data
  • Multiple ACONS Pro can be controlled from single PC via a LAN or Ethernet/USB hub

Detailed product specifications

Maximum Frame Capacity  15kN (3372 lbf)
Resolution  0.1 N (0.0225 lbf)
Accuracy 0.15% FRO
Adjustable Displacement Rate     
0.0001 - 10.0000 mm/min  (0.0001 - 0.3937 inches/min)
Fast Approach Speed  40.0000 mm/min  (1.5750 inches/min)
Power Supply  DC Adaptor (Output 24VDC, Input 90-240V, 50/60Hz, 1ph.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)  280 x 320 x 930 mm (11" x 12.75" x 36.6")
Weight  31 kg (68 lb)

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