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Building better technology
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The Clisp Studio csRowe module is an add-on to the core package (csHost) that makes it easy for the User to set-up, control and monitor Rowe consolidation tests to the BS1377-6 standard in soil testing laboratories, and collate and output the results in industry standard or User defined formats.


Rowe Test Setup

Clisp Studio csRowe comes with the easiest test creation and setup of any Geotechnical software package available today. Choose the test type you require, select the appropriate Standard and proceed through the steps of the wizard, initially setting up the specimen details and hardware relevant to your Test set up.


  Rowe Wizard


Rowe Hardware

Hardware Setup

Because laboratories and research establishments often have numerous Testing Stations with many different Instruments, the Hardware setup screen has been designed with that in mind and will only show you the choices relevant to your selected Test Type and Installed Hardware.

This enables you to easily select the right Instrument required for Control or Transducer Input.


Specimen Details Setup

The Dimensions setup screen will automatically calculate and display the Specimen’s Area, Volume and Bulk Density from the data entered by the User.

Similarly, the Moisture setup screen will automatically calculate and display the Specimen’s Moisture, Dry Density, Voids Ratio and Degree of Saturation from the entered data.

Rowe dimensions       Rowe moisture


Rowe Test Configuration

With Clisp Studio you have complete control of Rowe testing for all stages. Stages can be configured to perform a standards based test or a custom test specific to your exact needs.

Swelling setup

 Saturation collage

Swelling Stage Setup

The Swelling stage is optional and can be selected/deselected in the Assistant. This stage is controlled automatically from the software by applying a vertical stress to prevent the swelling. Data is logged at an input rate and the stage terminates when the vertical stress has changed by less than a specified amount over a defined time period. The stage can also terminate if the Swelling pressure exceeds a specified amount (for safety reasons).

Saturation Stage Setup

We support both ‘Step’ and ‘Ramp’ Saturation methods and the incremental Cell and Back Pressure steps to saturate the specimen are easily set up. All appropriate calculations are performed automatically as the stage progresses with all relevant data logged at your specified intervals or using a table. You can choose when to terminate the stage, whether the B-value has been achieved or the volume or pore pressure changes by less than a certain amount within a defined time.

Consolidation Stage Setup

You can specify a number of Load increments, each consisting of an undrained schedule followed by by a drained schedule. Load increments are easily added or subtracted and automatically create the associated undrained and drained schedules.

During the undrained schedule, vertical stress is applied to the specimen with the drainage valve closed and the consequent increase in pore water pressure is monitored. This schedule will terminate when the PWP becomes stable.

During the drained schedule, the drainage valve is opened and the specimen is consolidated to a preset back pressure. The vertical stress is maintained until the PWP dissipation reaches the predefined value (95% or greater). The PWP, volume and the settlement reading are monitored during the schedule.

The Coefficient of Consolidation (Cv) can be calculated either from PWP dissipation (t50) or settlement (t50 or t90) as required.


Test Execution and Results

Rowe Test Execution & Results

You are able to monitor the status and condition of the Rowe test as it proceeds. Live Views, Graphs and Tables show test progress while summary windows give Instrument, test and sample status at a glance. Once the test has completed the result Views, Graphs and Tables show the outcome.

 Rowe Live Saturation

               Rowe Consolidation Live view

Live Test Views

For all stages, we offer predefined live data views to observe the most commonly measured variables and calculated data for the specimen being tested, whilst the Test Stage is running. This enables you to keep a close on eye on the measured parameters to check that everything is progressing well. You can also customize the desired Live Data from the list of variables that are relevant to that particular stage.

Live Graphical and Table Views

For all stages, Clisp Studio enables you to monitor the most commonly measured parameters and expected results as the Test progresses. You can also customize the desired Graphs and Tables from the list of variables that are relevant to that particular stage if required.

General Stage Results 

All Stages provide results views, graphs and tables as summarised in the table below.

Data Export and Import

Clisp Studio has the ability to export the entire Test to MS Excel for further data manipulation. The Test can also be exported to a script file which can be imported when creating a new Test if desired.

This enables Tests from the current or older versions of Clisp Studio to be cloned or even rerun if required.This facility is extremely useful for Test exchange between laboratories or for investigation of an issue by VJ Tech.


Results Collage

PC Minimum Specifications Please see this document for a complete specification
System Requirements MS .Net V4.0, MS SQL Server (or Express)
Supported Standards BS1377-6
Import / Export Formats XLS, PDF, XML
Standard Graphs
  • Swelling:
      • Time vs. Specimen Stress & Pore Pressure
  • Saturation:
      • Time vs. Pore Water Input
      • Vertical Stress Input vs. B-Value
  • Consolidation
      • Undrained Loading (PWP)
      • PWP Consolidation
      • Settlement Consolidation
      • Volume Change Consolidation
      • Effective Specimen Stress vs. Voids Ratio
Standard Tables
  • Swelling:
      • Raw Data, Calculated Results
  • Saturation:
      • Raw Data, Calculated Results
      • Results Table
  • Consolidation:
      • Undrained Loading (PWP) Raw Data and Calculated Results
      • Drained Consolidation Raw Data and Calculated Results
Standard Views
  • Swelling:
      • Measured Data, Calculated Results
  • Saturation:
      • Measured Data, Calculated Results
  • Consolidation:
      • Consolidation Related Data
      • Consolidated Results Data
Standard Results
  • Moisture: Final Wet/Dry/Tin Weight, Final Moisture, Density & Saturation, Voids Ratio, Cumulative Saturation
  • Swelling: Swelling Pressure
  • Saturation: Volume Change, B-Value
  • Consolidation : t50 value, t90 value, Coefficient of Consolidation, Consolidation & Compressibility values