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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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The Clisp Studio csRock module is an add-on to the core package (csHost) that makes it easy for you to set-up, control and monitor rock crushing tests in concrete compression machines in a soil testing laboratory, and collate and output the results in industry standard or your own defined format.


Rock Test Setup

Clisp Studio csRock comes with the easiest test creation and setup of any Geotechnical Rock software package available today. Choose the test type you require, input a test name and proceed through the steps of the wizard, initially setting up the specimen details and hardware relevant to your Test set up.


Hardware Setup

The outputs from the on sample transducers are processed by the LVDT Signal Conditioning Unit and passed to a data logger. Select the appropriate data logger channels from the pull down menus and Autocon as the controller.

Specimen Details Setup

The Dimensions setup screen will automatically calculate and display the Specimen’s Area, Volume and Bulk Density from the data you enter. Similarly, the Moisture setup screen will automatically calculate and display the Specimen’s Moisture and Dry Density (from any entered data).

Test Conditions

Specify the Base Level of Applied Load at which to start Data Logging. Then specify the Load Rate to be applied, the Error Band to be used and the interval at which to log data.

The Test will be terminated when any of the following that have been selected are true; the measured Load suddenly drops by a specified percentage, the measured Load exceeds an input safety value or the Axial Strain exceeds a specified percentage.

An e-mail alert can be requested if required.

Test Execution and Results

Rock Test Execution and Results

You are able to monitor the status and condition of the Rock Compression test as it proceeds. Live Views, Graphs and Tables show test progress while summary windows give Instrument, test and sample status at a glance.  As well as the completed Live Data View, Graph and Table, csRock gives you an additional Results table as well as an extremely useful Summary Report.

Live Test View, Graph and Table

The live data view, graph and table enable you to observe the measured and calculated data for the specimen being tested whilst the Test is running. This enables you to keep a close on eye on the measured parameters to check that everything is progressing well. Clisp Studio also enables you to customize the desired measured and calculated data from the list of variables that are relevant to that particular stage.

Test Results and Summary

The Test Results table will show the Peak Load and Peak Stress as well as the calculated values of Young's Modulus and the Poisson Ratio which can be calculated in one of three different ways.

The Summary Report is a very useful synopsis of the Test with details of the client, sample and test as well as signatory boxes for quality purposes.