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Building better technology
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The Clisp Studio csMar module is an add-on to the core package (csHost) that makes it easy for you to set-up, control and monitor the standard Marshall Test in testing laboratories, and collate and output the results in industry standard or your own defined format.


Marshall Test Setup

Clisp Studio csMars comes with the easiest test creation and setup of any Geotechnical Marshall test software package available today. Choose the test type you require, select the appropriate Standard and proceed through the steps of the wizard, initially setting up the specimen details and hardware relevant to your Test set up.

csMAR test definition

     csMAR assistant 

Hardware Setup

Simply select the Transducer Channels to be used for Flow and Stability and the Instrument to be used from the drop down lists in the Hardware Setup screen.

Specimen Details

Input the Specimen's Thickness, Weight in Air and in Water, and the Specimen's Temperature. The Specimen's Volume and Bulk Density will automatically be calculated.

Test Conditions

Once the test has started, data Logging will commence when the specifed Stability (Seating Load) has been reached. The test will terminate when the input percentage value of stability drop is attained.

You can also specify a percentage of stability FSD below which any drop is ignored as well as Flow and Stability percentage Limit deviations above which readings will be ignored.

csMAR test setup collage


Marshall Test Execution & Results

You are able to monitor the status and condition of the Marshall test as it proceeds. Live Views, Graphs and Tables show test progress while summary windows give Instrument, test and sample status at a glance. Test results and a Summary Report are also available.




csMAR live data view


csMAR live results view


Live Test Views

We offer a predefined live data view that enables you to observe the most commonly measured variables and calculated data for the specimen being tested, whilst the Test Stage is running. This enables you to keep a close on eye on the measured parameters to check that everything is progressing well. Clisp Studio also enables you to customize the desired Live Data from the list of variables that are relevant to that particular stage.

Live Graphical and Table Views

Clisp Studio enables you to monitor the Test progress both graphically and in the form of a table whilst the Test Stage is running.

Live Graphical and Table Views (cont.)

There is a Predefined Graph which plots using the usual axes and predefined Table which displays the most commonly measured parameters as the Test progresses, but you can also customize the desired Graphs and Tables from the list of variables that are relevant to that particular stage.

Result Table and Report

The Results table displays the average Stability, Flow, Tangential Flow and Marshall Quotient as well as the STDVs for Stability and Flow.

There is also an extremely useful Summary Report with details of the specimen and customer as well as signatory boxes.

csMAR graphs and tables

PC Minimum Specifications Please see this document for a complete specification
System Requirements MS .Net V4.0, MS SQL Server (or Express)
Supported Standards BS EN 12697-34: 2012, ASTM D6927-06
Import / Export Formats XLS, PDF, XML
Standard Graph
  • Current Flow vs. Current Stability
Standard Table
  • Elapsed Time, Current Flow, Current Stability
Standard View
  • Maximum Stability, Maximum Flow, Stability Drop, Current Stability, Current Flow
Standard Reports
  • Summary
Standard Results
  • Averaged Stability, Average Flow, Average Tangential Flow, Average Marshall Quotient
  • Specimen: Corrected Max Stability, Corrected Max Flow, Tangential Flow, Marshall Quotient, Average Bulk Density