Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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CLISP Studio

Combined Laboratory Integrated Software Package


Clisp Studio is designed to be as fast as possible in every way. Capable of controlling large numbers of complex Instruments for weeks at a time, continually gathering mission critical information at the high speeds required by even the most demanding of geotechnical laboratories.


All Clisp Studio Modules follow a single principle design philosophy. All tests have an Assistant which directs the user from test setup to results analysis and export.

Choose your hardware, setup the sample details. set your test conditions and then initiate the test. You can now leave the test running and perform other duties, knowing that you will return to a completed test with results you can deliver to clients or research bodies with confidence.

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Your data is safe, secure and can be backed up with standard Microsoft backup technologies to be stored offsite, because of the industrial strength Microsoft SQL Database back end.

Your application and test data is safe because a combination of a Hardware Security Dongle and Microsoft Windows User Controls ensure that unauthorised personnel cannot gain access to your tests or make unapproved changes to the data contained within them.

Your users confidence is safe because we support every system, from the single researcher to the largest organisation, as though it was our most important client and every client deserves nothing less than truly exceptional operational support.




System Alarms & Warnings

Clisp Studio has many levels of error checking to ensure high levels of protection for the User's data, and provides numerous Alarms and Warnings to indicate any problem when commencing, running or analyzing Tests. There are three indicator lights permanently displayed on the main toolbar - 'Threads', 'Comms' and 'Alarm', and a 'Stop' option to halt a Test prematurely if required. If any indicator starts to flash, hovering the mouse pointer over the indicator will provide information as to the cause of the problem and a possible solution. The 'Threads' light will flash if Clisp Studio detects that the System is becoming overloaded, the 'Comms' light will flash if communication is lost with one or more Instruments and the 'Alarm' indicator will flash when a software error has occurred. If the User's data may be compromised or Instrument damage could occur, Clisp Studio will halt the Test.



Every Clisp Studio module is designed to be able to run in a fully automatic fashion* such that you can start a test and continue with other duties. Instrument and accessory automation allows a test to be started and run independently, requiring no further user interaction until the results are verified and printed.

  • Email notifications inform you when entire tests or single test stages have been completed allowing you walk away and only return when notified that you need to prepare the next test or stage.
  • Multiple Station Control allows you to run a series of tests simultaneously on numerous stations with or without human intervention. For instance you might have multiple Cells and only one Load Frame and thus require notification that Consolidation of a sample is finished and that it is ready to be placed in the Load Frame for Shearing. At the same time another sample may have finished Shearing and the cell will be available for another use. This sort of setup enables commercial laboratories to operate production line like testing continuously and not have to waste precious chargeable time.
  • The automation features of Clisp Studio have been developed over the course of many years, through rigorous testing and feedback from large and small laboratories alike. We are constantly adding ways to support the working practices of every customer we have and will continue to do so for the lifetime of the product.


* Some tests require optional accessories to operate in fully automatic mode.

Test Plan Automation


Automation Options

Monitors Communications:
Communications Error

Supports Resume:

Automatic Safety Cut Off


We are all human, so not all testing goes to plan. Sometimes incorrect test conditions are entered, sometimes we are unsure how to use or conduct a test, it happens.

Clisp Studio has a large number of safety features built in to protect the user, the sample and the instruments being used from damage or innapropriate usage.

Listing all the safety features is not practical due the large number built in to the software, but here are a few examples;

  • Sensor overload due to incorrect test conditions is prevented (i.e. requesting 5 kN load when you only have a 2.5 kN load cell),
  • Displacement sensors are protected in the event of unexpected sample collapse,
  • The User is warned if they select hardware for a new test that is currently in use on another station,
  • The test will be suspended on loss of communications (i.e. a cable has inadvertently been pulled out or an instrument switched off),
  • If a test has been started with existing data, the User is warned that continuing will overwrite the existing results, offering the choice to add further data or overwrite the existing data,
  • The User is warned if an instrument to be used in a test is not communicating correctly, before starting the test,
  • If the test is being run on a low specification PC, the User is informed when unacceptable performance levels are reached due to running too many simultaneous tests,
  • ... and many more such examples of real world scenarios that require caution, protection and best practice assistance.




Clisp Studio is designed to be modular - test modules can be purchased and added when required. If a new Instrument is purchased, the Clisp Studio (cs) Module to go with it can be purchased using our instant module delivery system and testing can be started immediately.

Clisp Studio in its basic form (without purchasing any modules), will allow data collection from all instruments and plot data in graph, table or instant view formats. It does not allow automatic control of instrumentation, that's where the csHostAdvanced module comes in. Clisp Studio's true power lies in the customisation permitted by this Advanced module as it allows you to create 100% personalised test procedures with instrument control, data collection and calculation, test triggers to start and stop instruments and results manipulation and presentation. Clisp Studio offers a truly open and flexible solution to Fully Automatic Geotechnical Testing.

If the User has no need to learn how to create International Standards Compliant tests, the Clisp Studio cs Modules provide an instant solution. We have spent years creating pre-configured Modules for for all the Industry Standard Geotechnical Tests (see below). Conforming to a variety of international standards these Modules can perform fully automatic Geotechnical Testing in almost every form and include Standards based calculations of all the data required for pre-defined standard reports.


Active Database

International Standards
Languages Available


  • Standards:

Years have been spent ensuring that Clisp Studio Modules continue to conform to International Standards Bodies. As such, each Module supports one or more appropriate standards from the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Great care is taken to ensure that not just the standards testing procedure is obeyed but also the real world operational practices of laboratories are taken into account in the setup and performance of tests.

  • Languages:

Clisp studio now supports a number of different languages in all modules.

The text has been improved by local Geotechnical engineers to best match both Geotechnical correctness of terminology and current best practices within each region.


Although Clisp Studio provides commonly used templates, the User is able to customise many aspects of testing as required. The following list illustrates some of the possibilties;

  • Customisation of Live Data Views to show particular variables of interest to the User
  • Customise result graphs, plotting desired variables on x and y axes
  • Customise result tables with as many results as required
  • View measured inputs, instrument states, test status, comms details and event logs as required
  • Switch between imperial and metric systems and tailor individual quantities (i.e. Force, Mass, Length etc.)
  • Setup User and Client specific details for test and report data (including company logos)
  • Detail Test Engineer and times of testing for traceability
  • Set up e-mail details for test notification
  • Configure audio files
  • Passcode authorisation control


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