Unsaturated Direct Shear System

The bench mounted VJ Tech Unsaturated Direct Shear System is used to perform Direct Shear tests on soil samples under unsaturated conditions. The loading mechanism is utilised for applying the vertical stress to the sample and a stepper motor drive for horizontal load.

Suction is controlled inside the sealed sample chamber through the axis translation technique, utilising a hydraulic and a pneumatic Automatic Pressure Controllers (APC) to impose Pore Air and Pore Water pressures.

  •  Pneumatic actuator for Vertical displacement and load control (10 Bar air supply is required)
  • Stepper motor control for Horizontal displacement control
  • Inbuilt 4-Channel data logging
  • 10kN Internal Vertical Load cell included
  • 5kN Internal Horizontal Load cell included
  • Built-in graphics display and keypad for local operation
  • Sealed shear box sample chamber
  • Sample sizes up to 75 mm (square or round)
  • Built-in displacement and overload protection
Vertical Load (Maximum)
10 kN (10 Bar air supply is required)
Horizontal Shear Force
5 kN
Horizontal Travel (nominal)
20 mm
Vertical Travel (nominal)
20 mm
Speed Range (Standard)
0.00001 - 10.0000 mm/min
Dimensions (W x D x H)
840 x 460 x 800 mm
90 kg
Electrical Requirement
220-240VAC 50/60Hz 1ph
Test Performed
  • Unsaturated Direct Shear & Residual Shear tests
  • Direct Shear
  • Residual Direct Shear
Cutting Ring

Available in a variety of diameters & heights

Porous Stones

Variety of sizes available in Bauxite stone or Sintered Metal for improved durability during high loads

Filter Paper

Available in a variety of sizes

De-aired water system

De-aired water tank (19 litre capacity) availability in hard anodised finish, or stainless steel for better durability. Vacuum pump is required; sold separately.

APC Water & Air Distribution Panel

Assists users fill/empty their Pressure Controllers, Triaxial Cells and other pressure chambers. A variety of sizes panels are available to connect multiple devices. Can be supplied with or without a mechanical pressure gauge; which can act as an independent reference point.

High Air Entry discs

Available in a variety of HAE Values, typically; 1 Bar, 3 Bar, 5 Bar, 15 Bar

Shear Box Assembly for Small Shear Box

Shearbox assemblies are available in a variety of sizes in both square and circular. They come complete with necessary base plates, loading caps and a pair of bauxite porous stones as standard.


Available in a variety of sizes; both square circular


The dolly is used to extract the specimen from the cutter. It is available in a variety of sizes; both Square and Circular.


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