TriSCAN 50kN Frame

The TriSCAN 50kN Frame is tailored for a wide array of applications, it accommodates tests such as Consolidated Drained (CD), Consolidated Undrained (CU), Unconsolidated Undrained (UU), Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS), and Stress Path Tests. This sophisticated frame integrates a high-precision stepper motor and a 7″ touchscreen for seamless standalone operation.

The TriSCAN 50kN Frame boasts 5 Analogue and 1 Digital Input socket, offering versatile USB and LAN connectivity. The frame’s standout feature is its closed-loop control system, capable of processing up to 5000 samples per second, along with the ability to conduct slow cyclic tests at frequencies up to 0.1 Hz. Designed to accommodate cells with sample diameters up to 150mm and support a variety of tests.

  • Slow Cyclic up to 0.1 Hz (amplitude dependent)
  • 5 Analogue and 1 Digital Channel Inputs allowing up to 3 triaxial cells per load frame
  • Built-in logger allowing high speed sensor data conversion (24 bit, up to 5000 samples/s)
  • Closed Loop control for Displacement, Load and Speed mode.
  • Flexibility to adjust PID for a variety of samples, ranging from stiff to soft soils
  • Auto engage function to easily apply seating load
  • Standalone Use via Touchscreen display with data export to PC
  • Built-in live data table and graphs
  • Built-in auto protection for mechanical limits & sensor limits
  • Auto reverse from limit switch activation
  • Multiple Units can be controlled from single PC via a LAN or Ethernet/USB hub
  • USB or Ethernet connectivity for PC Control
  • Accepts Triaxial cells up to 100mm dia.
Load Capacity (Maximum)
50 kN
Vertical Clearance
1000 mm
Horizontal Clearance
380 mm
Platen Diameter
158 mm
Maximum Triaxial Cell Diameter Accommodated
150 mm
Platen Adjustment Speed
0.00001 - 99.99999 mm/min
Platen Adjustment Distance
Nominally 100 mm
Electrical Requirement
DC Adaptor (Output 24VDC, Input 90-240V, 50/60Hz, 1ph.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
480 x 445 x 1490 mm
110 kg
* 30 kN Nominal @ 50 mm/min
Test Performed
  • Triaxial Tests (UU, CU, CD)
  • Stress Path Tests
  • Advanced Triaxial & Slow Cyclic Tests

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