Triaxial Cells

Our Standard Triaxial Cells, available in diameters of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, and 300 mm, serve various testing purposes, including CD, CU, UU Triaxial testing, Stress Path testing, and Permeability testing. They are adaptable for specialized Tests like Bender Element, Mid-Pore, and On-Sample testing where exit ports are present. Withstanding confining pressures up to 2MPa or 3.5 MPa (and higher), they offer robust performance. All cells are Pressure tested for 24 hours prior to dispatch.

Additionally, our Dynamic Triaxial Cells, starting from 50 mm, are designed for use in our diverse range of Dynamic Systems, employing both Servo Driven and Hydraulic power, capable of enduring rapid ram movements without any adverse effects.

  • Stainless steel low friction loading ram
  • Five inlet/outlet ports with zero volume change valves
  • Hard anodised for increased corrosion protection
  • Transparent acrylic chamber
  • Air bleed screw for efficient de-airing
  • Can be used with internal submersible load cells
  • Interchangeable pedestals and top caps for different sample sizes (supplied separately)
Cell Sizes Available (mm)
50, 75, 100, 150, 300 (Top Caps & Base Pedestals available in a variety of sizes)
Standard Pressure Ranges (MPa)
2, 3.5 (depending on Triaxial Cell)
High Pressure Ranges (MPa)
14, 70
Upgrade Options *
Balanced Ram - to minimise cell pressure fluctuations during cyclic loading
Stainless Steel finish - for better durability against corrosive samples
Transducer Access Ring - Standard Cells do not have exit ports. By default, all Dynamic Cells have provision to accommodate one set of vertical bender elements. If required, a Transducer Access Ring can be purchased separately to upgrade any Triaxial Cell to accommodate internal sensors
3-Part Triaxial Cell - allows for sample assembly and top cap engagement prior to cell assembly, allowing the user to setup the specimen with minimal disruption.
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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