Stress Dependent Soil Water Characteristic Curve System (SD-SWCC)

The VJ Tech Multi-Purpose Frame SWCC system is used to determine the drying and wetting Soil Water Characteristic Curve (SWCC) of a soil specimen, providing a useful insight into the unsaturated properties of soil samples.

The Multi-Purpose Frame SWCC system consists of a load frame (ACONS Pro) to control the vertical stress, a hydraulic APCH Pro to control the Pore Water Pressure, and a pneumatic APC to control the Pore Air Pressure. Suction is controlled using the axis translation technique by elevating Pore Air and Pore Water pressures while the change in the moisture content is ben monitored.

The Clisp Studio csSDSWCC software module enables the performance of an SD-SWCC test with full automation and minimum human intervention.

  • Suction control using the Axis-Translation technique
  • Accurate monitoring of the water volume change
  • Monitoring of the total sample volume change through a displacement transducer
  • Determination of the drying and wetting curves under constant vertical stress
  • Ability to perform saturation and consolidation prior to the SWCC test
  • Ability to determine Suction in undisturbed, unconditioned specimens
Maximum Vertical Load
15 kN or 50 kN
Maximum Pore Air Pressure
1750 kPa
Maximum Pore Water Pressure
1000 kPa
Maximum Applied Suction
1500 kPa
Ethernet or USB Interface 
Power Supply
DC Adaptor (Output 24V DC, Input 90-240V, 50/60Hz, 1ph.) 
Test Performed
  • Soil Water Characteristic Curve (Drying, Wetting)
  • Unsaturated 1-D Consolidation
ASTM D6836-16 (Method B)
Cutting Ring

Available in a variety of diameters & heights

Filter Paper

Available in a variety of sizes

High Air Entry discs

Available in a variety of HAE Values, typically; 1 Bar, 3 Bar, 5 Bar, 15 Bar

Upgrade Options *
Constant Rate of Strain (CRS)
Triaxial Tests (UU, CU, CD)
1-D Consolidation tests (Oedometer)
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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