Resilient Modulus System

The Resilient Modulus Testing System is expertly engineered for fully automated procedures to evaluate both the Permanent Deformation (when relevant) and the Resilient Modulus of soil or aggregate samples. This system meticulously applies a consistent axial cyclic stress across a fixed cycle duration to a cylindrical sample for a predetermined period. During the test, the sample undergoes a combination of dynamic cyclic stress and static-confining stress within a triaxial cell.

The VJ Tech Dynamic Servo Controller has adaptive PID Control, allowing the system to automatically adjust internal PID Settings to ensure the target load/displacement is met whilst the sample stiffness changes during the test, critical for Resilient Modulus tests that typically have a large number of cycles.

The system is equipped to measure the total recoverable axial deformation of the specimen through three independent sensors. These measurements are then accurately processed through our csRES software to calculate the resilient modulus. This precision in evaluation is crucial for understanding the material’s behaviour under cyclic loading conditions.

  • Dynamic Servo Controller includes up to 8 Input Channels for Sensors
  • Closed loop control
  • Built-in signal conditioning
  • Supports Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, Haversine, Saw Tooth, Inverted Saw Tooth, Rectangular, User Defined waveform
  • Adaptive PID (Peak and Trough Control)
  • Air or water confining pressure according to standard
  • USB or Ethernet connectivity for PC Control
  • Data Logging Rate (200 Points/Cycle or 500 Points/Sec)
  • Built-in Auto engage function with definable engage value
  • Auto reverse from limit switch activation
  • Lower and upper limit switch motion control
Minimum Frequency (Hz)
Maximum Frequency (Hz)
5, 10, 20
Dynamic Range (kN)
5, 10, 50
Displacement Range
+/- 35mm (70mm travel)
Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, Haversine, Saw Tooth, Inverted Saw Tooth, Rectangular, User Defined
Data Logging Rate
200 Points/Cycle or 500 Points/Sec
Sample Size Diameter (mm)
35, 38, 50, 63.5, 70, 75, 100, 150, 300, 315 mm dia (Other sizes available upon request)
Test Performed
  • Resilient Modulus
AASHTO T-307-99
AG:PT-T053-07 Q137
Displacement Sensors (External)

Available in a variety of Displacement Ranges, common sizes (mm) are 10, 25, 50, 100.

Load Cells (Internal Submersible)

Internal Submersible Load Cells are pressure compensated, and positioned within the Triaxial Cell (or Pressure Chamber). They are typically used for more advanced tests and required for Anisotropic/k0 Consolidation and Extension Tests. Available in a variety of load ranges; common capacities (kN) include 5, 10, 25, and 50. Additional sizes are available upon request.

Pressure Transducers (External)

Available in a variety of Pressure Ranges. Typically used for PwP measurement and will require a De-airing Block.

Pressure Transducers (Internal)

Allows for mid-height PwP Measurement, this sensor is mounted directly on the Sample. Available in a variety of Pressure Ranges.

Transducer Access Ring

The Access Ring upgrades your Triaxial Cell to acccommodate internal sensors, allowing the cables to exit the Chamber without leakage.

Top Cap & Base Pedestals (Triaxial)

Top Caps and Base Pedestals are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to be easily interchanged within your Triaxial Cell. Top Caps are available in a range of types, including Domed (Compression only), Fixed (Compression and Extension) and Suction (Compression and Extension)

Internal Submersible LVDT Kit (Triax)

Typically includes one radial caliper, two axial brackets, and three LVDT sensors. If required, a Signal Conditioning box can be provided.

Bender Elements

Available in both Vertical and Horizontal positions, in a variety of sizes.

De-aired water system

De-aired water tank (19 litre capacity) availability in hard anodised finish, or stainless steel for better durability. Vacuum pump is required; sold separately.

Automatic Solenoid Valve

The Solenoid Valve allows for complete automation by opening/closing valves eliminating the need for user intervention. This is achieved via Software integration.

APC Water & Air Distribution Panel

Assists users fill/empty their Pressure Controllers, Triaxial Cells and other pressure chambers. A variety of sizes panels are available to connect multiple devices. Can be supplied with or without a mechanical pressure gauge; which can act as an independent reference point.

Porous Stones

Variety of sizes available in Bauxite stone or Sintered Metal for improved durability during high loads

Filter Paper

Available in a variety of sizes

Upgrade Options *
Dynamic (Cyclic) Triaxial Test
Triaxial Tests (UU, CU, CD)
Stress Path Tests
Advanced Triaxial and Cyclic Tests
Bender Elements Testing
Internal LVDT for higher precision displacement measurement closer to the specimen
Dynamic Cell Pressure
Permeability testing
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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