Mid-height Pore Water Pressure Transducer

The Mid-height Pore Water Pressure transducer is a small and efficient way to measure pore water pressure (PWP) directly within the soil mass. These sensors bring either a ceramic or a sintered disc, depending on the application.

Sintered discs can be fitted for the measurement of positive PwP while ceramic discs are fitted to allow them to measure negative PwP (i.e., suction). They have a maximum pressure capacity of 3500 kPa and a maximum suction capacity of 1,500 kPa.

• Ability to measure PwP directly within the soil mass by mounting on the specimen directly
• Measurement of positive and negative PwP
• Fitted in the mid-point of a triaxial specimen, through the rubber membrane
• Ingress protected to IP68

Pressure Range (bar)
15, 35
High Air Entry Disc
Fitted with 0.5 bar as standard (1, 3, and 5 bar also available)
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 80°C

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