Internal Submersible Load Cells

VJ Tech Internal Submersible Load Cells (ISLCs) are designed for use within Static or Dynamic cells and are pressure compensated. The ISLCs are fully waterproof (IP68 rated) to ensure long-term reliability.

Static Internal Submersible Load Cells are fitted with a cable and plug for connection to an analogue socket whereas dynamic ISLCs are fitted with a LEMO connector and a Dynamic Plug for the DSC3000 at the end of the cable.

• Rugged Construction with low voltage and current consumption
• Fully waterproof to IP68
• Load measurement unaffected by Cell confining pressure
• More accurate load reading than external Load Cell
• Relevant cable and socket connection
• Load cells of 10kN and above can only reach 5kN in tension

10V DC (recommended)
Nominal Output
2.0 mV/V (1.4 mV/V on 1 kN)
<0.030% of Full Scale Output
Operating Temperature
+5 to +50oC
Stainless steel hermetically sealed to IP68

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