Hydraulic Consolidation System (Rowe Cell Testing System)

The VJ Tech Rowe Cell testing system consists of a hydraulic cell used for the determination of the magnitudes and rates of consolidation for low permeability soils. Vertical stress is applied through an Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Controller (APCH). A second APCH is used to control the applied Back Pressure while PwP is measured at the base of the specimen with the use of one or more Pore Water Pressure transducer(s).

The Rowe Cell Testing System provides a convenient means of testing from small to large specimens while enabling drainage in either the horizontal or vertical directions to be investigated.

The Clisp Studio csRowe software module enables the performance of a Rowe Cell consolidation test with full automation and minimum human intervention. Permeability testing can be performed with the addition of a Single APC & the Clisp Studio Permeability software.

  • Sturdy, metal construction for elimination of distortion under pressure
  • External datalogger not required; sensors to be logged via APC
  • On/Off valves for controlling vertical stress (via flexible or rigid porous disc), back pressure and rim pressure
  • On/Off valves for measuring Pore Water Pressure
  • Accompanied by a dual channel APC for controlling Vertical Stress and Back Pressure
  • Fully automated consolidation test for the determination of the rate and magnitude of consolidation (software module is required)
  • Fully automated permeability test for the determination of the coefficient of permeability (software module and additional APC is required)
Sample Diameter
50 mm 63.5 mm 70 mm 75.7 mm 100 mm 151 mm 252 mm
Maximum Pressure
1750 kPa 1750 kPa 1750 kPa 1750 kPa 1750 kPa 1000 kPa 1000 kPa
Diameter and Height (inclusive of valves)
160 x 206 mm 183 x 213 mm 200 x 230 mm 210 x 213 mm 235 x 233 mm 290 x 270 mm 550 x 580 mm
12.90 kg 13.75 kg 14.25 kg 14.75 kg 16.2 kg 18.3 kg 35.3 kg
Test Performed
  • 1-D Consolidation under various drainage conditions with PwP measurement
BS1377-6: 1993 BS1377-2: 2022
Porous Discs

Variety of sizes available in Bauxite stone or Sintered Metal for improved durability during high loads

Side Drains (Vyon)

For side drainage of sample in Rowe Cell

Flexible discs (Vyon)

For flexible vertical loading on sample in Rowe Cell

De-aired water system

De-aired water tank (19 litre capacity) availability in hard anodised finish, or stainless steel for better durability. Vacuum pump is required; sold separately.

APC Water & Air Distribution Panel

Assists users fill/empty their Pressure Controllers, Triaxial Cells and other pressure chambers. A variety of sizes panels are available to connect multiple devices. Can be supplied with or without a mechanical pressure gauge; which can act as an independent reference point.

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Permeability testing
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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