Dynamic Pressure Controller

The VJ Tech Dynamic Pressure Controller provides a fast and reliable way to effectively control water pressure in a triaxial cell during a cyclic triaxial test. It is fitted with a Dynamic Servo Controller which can react instantly to cell pressure changes during a cyclic loading test on high frequencies.

The controller can also effectively cycle cell pressure dynamics at up to 5Hz and is rated to 2MPa. It can also be controlled from a PC and forms part of a completely automated dynamic triaxial system.

  • High-speed pressure adjustments with ability to cycle cell pressure up to 5Hz.
  • Microprocessor based design with 16-bit A/D converter for rapid reading and adjustment of live pressure readings.
  • Electro mechanically operated via high-speed Servo Motor.
  • Closed loop feedback control via pressure transducer.
  • Safety pressure transducer.
  • DSC servo motor drive.
Maximum Pressure
2000 kPa
Maximum Frequency
5 Hz
Test Performed

Dynamic Triaxial Tests
Dynamic Simple Shear with Confining Pressure


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