Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear System with Confining Pressure (DSS-C)

The VJ Tech Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear System with Confining Pressure (DSS-C) is an innovative, high-precision instrument designed for advanced geotechnical testing. This apparatus features two electro-mechanical dynamic actuators, adept at applying precise vertical and horizontal loads to the sample. The sample can be either held under pressure in a modified triaxial-type cell or contained within confining rings without pressure.

These dynamic actuators are meticulously controlled by the Dual Axis Dynamic Servo Controller (DSC3000MM), which ensures seamless integration with the PC for enhanced control and data analysis via our Clisp Studio software. The apparatus is equipped with high-precision Encoders which are integrated into the servo motors, as well as external displacement sensors to accurately measure vertical and horizontal displacements. It boasts a safeguarded maximum travel range in each axis, protected by limit switches while allowing for easy adjustment of strain rate via PC.

The system is typically used with VJ Tech Hydraulic APCs, offering precise control and measurement of both Back Pressure and Cell Pressure. It also measures Vertical and Horizontal Loads and Pore Water Pressure through the DSC3000MM up to 4000 points per cycle or 500/second. The accompanying Clisp Studio csDYNSS-C software facilitates an effortless setup and execution of various test stages including Saturation, Consolidation (Isotropic, Anisotropic, or K0), Static Loading, Cyclic Shear (Stress or Strain), and Liquefaction. This comprehensive software ensures a streamlined and efficient testing process, making the VJ Tech Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear System with Confining Pressure an essential tool for comprehensive soil analysis and research.

• High Stiffness with low compliance
• Capable of Cyclic Simple Shear tests using the stainless steel/hard anodised assembly
• Capable of Cyclic Simple Shear tests using Cell Pressure instead of Rings
• 10kN Vertical and Horizontal Load
• Active height control
• Closed Loop Control
• Adaptive PID (Peak and Trough Control)
• USB or Ethernet connectivity for PC Control
• High-Speed sensor conversion (24-bit, 500Hz)
• Electro-mechanical control using the DSC3000MM for Vertical and Horizontal loading
• Data Logging Rate (200 Points/Cycle or 500 Points/Sec)
• Full control from a PC (running Clisp Studio)
• Waveforms available: Sinusoidal, Triangular, Square, Haversine, Saw Tooth, User Defined
• Supplied with all transducer and load cell brackets
• Low friction retaining rings for specimen confinement when conducting simple shear tests
• Pore pressure, Cell Pressure, and Back Pressure measurement

Frequency Range
'0.0001 - 10.0000 Hz
Max. Dynamic Load
+/- 10 kN (load limited to specification of load cell)
Max. Horizontal Travel
+/- 20 mm
Max. Vertical Travel
+/- 15 mm
Max. Confining Pressure
Up to 2000 kPa
Max. Back Pressure
Up to 2000 kPa
Sample Diameter
50, 70 or 100 mm (70mm dia max. for use with confining rings)
Nominal Sample Height
26 mm (or 38 mm for 100 mm)
PC Interface
USB or Ethernet
Test Performed

• Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear with Confining Pressure
• Cyclic Simple Shear test (various control methods available in both axes in force, displacement, stress, and height control)
• Static Simple Shear test (with active height control)

ASTM D6528 ASTM D8296
Cyclic Simple Shear Sample Kits (Rings)

A complete sample kit comprising of a Top Cap, Base Pedestal, set of 12 rings for sample confinement made of uniform thickness with two thicker rings at each end, a sample former and mould clamp for sample assembly, and 1 pack of membranes and O-rings. A variety of diameters up to 70mm are available .

Cyclic Simple Shear with Confining Pressure Sample Kits (Skirted)

A complete sample kit comprising of a Skirted Top Cap and Base Pedestal, a mould clamp, cutter, compaction collar and weight for sample assembly and 1 pack of membranes and O-rings with 2 Bauxite Porous Discs. A variety of Diameters available up to 100mm dia.

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Bender Element Testing
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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