Displacement Transducers

VJ Tech linear displacement transducers give infinite resolution and excellent linearity. They are reliable and built of rugged construction with low voltage and current consumption and come supplied with cable and plug for an Analogue socket.

Our linear displacement transducers for dynamic systems have the same general properties and are supplied with cable and Lemo connectors, ferrite, and a Sensor plug for the DSC.

We also supply digital displacement sensors (MIT Gauges), which are accurate, reliable, and simple to use, but are not suitable for closed-loop feedback control. They feature an LCD, imperial/metric conversion, direction change, zero setting, and on/off settings.

Our on-sample LVDT transducers are used for either axial or radial small strain measurements. They are held in place in place on the sample by calipers and the transducers are interchangeable between the axial and radial calipers. The measurements are processed by an external LVDT signal conditioning box.

Linear Displacement Sensors

• Accurate and very stable
• Excellent linearity
• Rugged stainless-steel construction
• Low voltage and current consumption
• Relevant cable and socket connection

Digital Displacement Sensors

• Accurate, reliable and simple to use
• Battery powered with LCD display
• Direction change and on/off setting
• Complete with cable and plug for an Analogue socket
• Not suitable for closed loop feedback control

On-sample LVDT Sensors

• Complete with cable, cable bung and male LEMO connector
• Interchangeable between the different caliper sizes

Linear Displacement
Ranges (mm)
0-10, 0-25, 0-50, 0-100
Non-linearity (best fit)
<0.1% of full scale (<0.2% for 100 mm LSCT)
2 to 10V AC or DC
Operating Temperature
-10 to +70°C
Stainless Steel
Digital Displacement
Ranges Available
0-12.5, 0-25, 0-50 mm
0.003, 0.003, 0.006 mm
On-Sample Displacement
Ranges Available
+/-2.5 mm, +/- 5 mm
375 mV/V
Linearity error
(% F.S) (+/- 0.5 / +/- 0.25)

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