Bishop Large Ring Shear System

The VJ Tech’s Bishop Ring Shear system is based on the concept introduced by Bishop in 1971. In his type of Ring Shear apparatus, the ring-shaped soil specimen is enclosed inside a rigid set of discs (external and internal). The maximum height of the specimen can reach 20 mm, which makes it less sensitive to the presence of large particles in the soil while the friction developed against the confining rings can be measured. Shear stress is determined by a pair of load cells which provide accurate measurement of the loading pad’s resistance to rotation.

An adjustable gap is created between the upper and lower soil mass, on the sliding surface, to minimise the friction between the fixed upper portion of the annular specimen and the rotating lower part. Soil-soil and soil-steel interface tests can be conducted with the Bishop Ring Shear apparatus.

Tests are automated and easily conducted with Clisp Studio Ring Shear module, following the BS EN ISO 17892-10 standard. More advanced tests can be performed with our Advanced csRING-SSI software module.

  • Bishop-type Ring Shear apparatus accommodates samples of greater particle size compared to the Bromhead Ring Shear due to the sample size that can be tested.
  • Ability to perform tests in accordance with BS EN ISO standards, as well as, the ICP Method for Soil-Steel Interface testing via our Advanced Ring Shear Software Module.
  • Ability to adjust the gap between upper and lower soil mass, on the sliding surface, to minimise the friction between the fixed upper portion and rotating lower section.
  • Load cells are used for the measurements of Vertical and shear stress, with an additional load cell to measure side wall friction force
  • Motorised actuation of both axes using a stepper motor
  • Partial or complete test automation using Clisp Studio Ring shear software
  • Standalone Use via Touchscreen display with data export to PC or USB Drive (in *.csv format)
  • Built-in logger allowing high-speed sensor data conversion (24-bit, up to 5000 samples/s)
  • Built-in live data table and graphs
  • Multiple Units can be controlled from a single PC via Ethernet (LAN) or USB (Via Hub)
Sample Size
150 mm outside diameter x 100 mm inside diameter x 20 mm height
Sample Range
0.0001 to 900 degrees/min
Shear Stress (Maximum)
1000 kPa
Normal Stress (Maximum)
1000 kPa
Dimensions (W x D x H)
780mm x 720mm x 1370mm
220 kg
Electrical Requirement
220-240 Volts, 50/60Hz, single Phase
Test Performed
  • Residual shear strength tests
  • Interface (Soil – Steel) shear tests
BS EN ISO 17892-10 : 2018
Imperial College Pile (ICP) Testing method
Static Simple Shear Sample Kits

A complete sample kit comprising of a Top Cap, Base Pedestal, set of 12 rings for sample confinement made of uniform thickness with two thicker rings of each end, a sample former and mould clamp for sample assembly and 1 pack of membranes and orings. A variety of Diameters available up to 70mm dia. 

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ICP Testing Method (Soil-Steel Interface testing)
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