Automatic Volume Change Device

The VJ Tech designed Automatic Volume Change unit can be used to accurately determine the volume of fluid that is passing through. It has a total volume capacity of 100ml, however when it is used in conjuction with the changeover valve box the capacity becomes infinite. It is accompanied by a dispalcement transducer (LSCT) which is used to determine the volume change indirectly by measuring the travel of the piston. The unit can be de-aired easily with two bleed valves that exist at the two ends of the cylinder. The AVC unit has been designed to withstand water pressures up to 1,000kPa.

  • Easy determination of water volume changes.
  • Used in Unsaturated Triaxial testing systems, with Double-Wall triaxial cells, to determine the total volume change of the specimens.
  • Used in Saturated Triaxial testing systems to determine the volumetric strain of the specimens.
  • Measurements are not affected by the water pressure.
  • Easy to de-air and prepare.
Maximum pressure
Maximum Volume measurement
100ml or Infinite (using the changeover switch)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
270 x 210 x 360mm

Top Chamber and Changeover Valve Box only (without LCST)


Automatic Volume Change complete with LCST transducer and bracket


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