Automatic Direct and Residual Shear System (ShearSCAN Pro)

The VJ Tech ShearSCAN Pro is equipped with stepper motors and applies vertical and horizontal loads to the sample.

Its advanced electronics facilitate a range of tests:

  • Standard Shear Testing: The system supports both direct and residual shear testing.
  • Oedometer Testing: This is enabled through the use of a provided adaptor, which requires the csOEDO module.

When coupled with VJ Tech’s Advanced Shear Module (csCONSHEAR), the ShearSCAN Pro is capable of performing:

  • Three Consolidation Modes: Offering varied options for sample preparation.
  • Three Vertical Control Methods (during Shear): These include Constant Normal Stress, Height, and Stiffness control, providing flexibility in test parameters.
  • Shear Testing Flexibility: Users can choose between speed control and stress control methods for shear testing, it also allows them to run slow cyclic testing.
  • Integrates a compact submersible load cell positioned close to the sample rather than using an external load cell to measure shear load.
  • Supports standard Direct Shear tests, as well as, advanced test types such as slow cyclic shear via our Clisp Studio Module (+/- 20mm travel from the mid-point of the sample).
  • Capable of performing Oedometer tests (requires additional components)
  • Compact tabletop design to minimise footprint
  • Multiple Units can be controlled from a single PC via a LAN or Ethernet/USB hub
  • Built-in logger allowing high-speed sensor data conversion (24-bit, up to 5000 samples/s)
  • Optional standalone use via Touchscreen display with data export to PC or a USB Drive
  • Built-in live data tables and graphs for immediate analysis and real-time data visualization
  • Built-in auto protection for mechanical limits & sensor limits
Maximum Vertical Load
10 kN
Maximum Horizontal Shear Force
10 kN
Maximum Horizontal Travel
+/- 20 mm
Maximum Speed Range
0.00000-99.99999 mm/min
90-240VAC 50/60Hz 1ph
Dimensions (W x D x H)
950 x 500 x 750 mm
68 kg
Test Performed
  • Slow Cyclic Shear
  • Direct Shear
  • Residual Shear
  • Oedometer
BS1377-5 BS1377-7 : 1990 BS1377-2: 2022
BS EN ISO 17892-5 : 2017 BS EN ISO 17892-10 : 2018
ASTM D3080-11 ASTM D2435-04 ASTM D3080-04 ASTM D2435-11
AS1289.6.6.1 -1998 Q181C AS1289.6.2.2 : 1998
XP P94-090-1
Shear Box Assembly for Small Shear Box

Shearbox assemblies are available in a variety of sizes in both square and circular. They come complete with necessary base plates, loading caps and a pair of bauxite porous stones as standard.


Available in a variety of sizes; both square circular


The dolly is used to extract the specimen from the cutter. It is available in a variety of sizes; both Square and Circular.

Porous Stones

Variety of sizes available in Bauxite stone or Sintered Metal for improved durability during high loads

Upgrade Options *
1-D Consolidation tests (Oedometer)
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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