Automatic Constant Rate of Strain System (ACONS Pro CRS)

The VJ Tech Automatic Constant Rate of Strain System (ACONS Pro CRS) is tailored for Commercial and Research applications, allowing the user to perform a CRS System test in a fully automated manner.

Featuring the latest technology, our CRS System offers seamless automation with closed-loop control. The strain rate can be automatically adjusted by monitoring Pore Water Pressure ensuring adherence to testing standards.

Furthermore, our Automatic Constant Rate of Strain System provides versatile customisation options to accommodate even the most challenging soft or slurry materials, alongside higher precision displacement sensors.

  • Compact design (small footprint)
  • Utilises a stepper motor, eliminating the need for a compressed air supply
  • Precise control of Strain Rate with an option to automatically adjust based on PwP readings
  • Closed and open Constant Rate of Strain Cell options available
  • Submersible LVDT option available for improved accuracy & resolution
  • Built-in logger allowing high-speed sensor data conversion (24-bit, up to 5000 samples/s)
  • Auto Top Cap engage function to easily apply seating load
  • Upgradable to other tests such as Oedometer, SWCC and Triaxial
  • Standalone Use via Touchscreen display with data export to PC
  • Built-in live data table and graphs
  • Built-in auto protection for mechanical limits & sensor limits
  • Multiple Units can be controlled from a single PC via a LAN or Ethernet/USB hub
  • USB or Ethernet connectivity for PC Control
Maximum Frame Capacity
15 kN or 50 kN
Sample Diameter
50mm, 70mm and 100mm (100mm requires TriSCAN Frame)
0.1 N or 0.1 kPa; 0.001mm (or 0.0001mm with Internal LVDT)
0.15% FRO
Adjustable Displacement Rate
0.0001 to 100 mm/min
Power Supply
DC Adaptor (Output 24VDC, Input 90-240V, 50/60Hz, 1ph.)
Test Performed

Constant Rate of Strain

ASTM D3186-12 ASTM D3186-20
Cutting Ring

Available in a variety of diameters & heights

Porous Discs

Variety of sizes available in Bauxite stone or Sintered Metal for improved durability during high loads

Filter Paper

Available in a variety of sizes

Calibration Disc

Used to measure compliance in the loading frame to apply corrections to results

Internal LVDT Kit (CRS)

To measure local strain inside the CRS Cell

Upgrade Options *
1-D Consolidation tests
Soil Water Characteristic Curve Tests (SWCC)
Triaxial Tests (UU, CU, CD)
Internal LVDT for higher precision displacement measurement closer to the specimen
*Upgrade options will require additional hardware. Contact us for more information.

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