Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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The Benefits of Automated Dynamic Testing

Dynamic Testing (both Triaxial and Shear) is a relatively new area of soil testing which requires considerable computing power due to the amount of data produced. Some years ago, this required a large amount of equipment – but the improvements in computing power and VJ Tech technological and software advancement have made Dynamic testing (Cyclic) more efficient and affordable for the laboratory.

Consolidation Testing - Equipment Maintenance Part 5 - Replacing the PCB Board Rechargeable Battery

These ‘Equipment Maintenance’ posts are intended to show how to service and perform basic maintenance of different VJ Tech equipment used for consolidation testing. This post describes how to remove, check and replace the battery on a PCB. This may be when the battery has failed or following a prolonged period where the instrument has been switched off in humid conditions and will not power up.

The Benefits of Automated CBR Testing

May 01 2014

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR Test) is a penetration test for evaluating the load-bearing capacity of soils used for building roads and other hardened surfaces. The traditional method of for a CBR Test involved penetrating a plunger of fixed diameter into a soil sample using a Load Frame (usually controlled by some mechanical device) with a Load Ring for measuring Vertical Load and the Displacement measured using Mechanical Dial Gauges. This required the laboratory technician to be on hand with a clipboard and datasheet(s) to record the data when required throughout the Test.

Equipment Maintenance part 4

These 'Equipment Maintenance' posts are intended to show how to service and perform basic maintenance of different VJ Tech equipment. This post describes how to attach the ACONS earth lead should it prove necessary and how to adjust the screen contrast on the ACONS and other various VJ Tech Instruments. This may be necessary if the screen is too bright or too dark.

Using Clisp Studio - Part 3

Apr 25 2014

Welcome to part 3 of our Clisp Studio user guide. To get the best performance from our advanced software you must become familiar with all the facilities in Clisp Studio to help your testing run smoothly.



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