Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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VJ Tech Training and Customer Support Centre

Mar 28 2014

VJ Tech is proud to announce the opening of the new Training and Customer Support Centre in Wokingham, a short distance from London. The Training and Customer Support Centre is in a quiet area ensuring no distractions from the training.




It provides all the complete Standard and Advanced System Setups necessary for customer training and support in;

  •          Triaxial Testing
  •          Unsaturated Triaxial Testing
  •          Shear Testing
  •          Consolidation Testing
  •          Dynamic Testing
  •          CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Testing
  •          Marshall Testing
  •          CRS (Constant Rate of Strain) Testing
  •          On-Sample Transducers
  •          Bender Element Testing

Regular training sessions are conducted for our authorized agents and service providers to ensure highly quality service is extended to all our customers.

Our experienced geotechnical and software engineers will guide attendees through the system configuration, the setup and conduct of the Test in Clisp Studio, the results and reports available and their export.

The large screen flat panel screen can be connected to a laptop to illustrate features of Clisp Studio or display a presentation. There is a flipchart available to enable quick explanations of geotechnical principles if necessary.

Equipment is mounted on purpose built mobile stands (with pressure panels where required) so that they can be moved around if required.

A meeting room is available for discussions and a wash up session after each day.

Lunch is provided as well as tea, coffee and biscuits and there is ample car parking.


Triaxial Testing Area

Our Triaxial Testing area enables training on the fully automated Triaxial Testing system, as well as semi-automated Triaxial Testing using data loggers if required.

Unsaturated Triaxial Testing (either double wall cell or twin cell) can also be carried out as well as CRS and Bender Element Testing. 

The Triplex II machine enables CBR and Marshall testing to be carried out here.




Shear Testing Area

The Shear Testing area is used for training on the ShearTEST and ShearSCAN2 instruments. The ShearTEST is a semi-automatic instrument using dead weights and data loggers. The ShearSCAN2 is pneumatically loaded and therefore fully automatic (except for taking out the holding pins before the shearing phase).


Consolidation Testing Area

The Consolidation testing area is geared towards automated Consolidation testing using either the pneumatic ACONS (Automatic Consolidation) or motorised ACONS II. However, should the need arise; training can be given on the Manual Oedometer dead weight system.

CRS Testing using the ACONS 2 can be carried out if requested.




Dynamic Testing Area

The Dynamic Testing Area consists of a basic frame Dynamic Triaxial Testing System which can run a fully automated Dynamic Triaxial Test.




Sample Preparation

There is ample space for Sample Preparation with all necessary accessories available.






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