Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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VJ Tech Training and Customer Support Centre

The VJ Tech Training & Customer support Centre is located in Wokingham, a short distance from London. It provides all the complete Standard and Advanced System Setups necessary for customer training and support. We support Triaxial, Shear and Consolidation testing, as well as more advanced training such as Dynamic Triaxial, Dynamic Simple Shear, Bender Elements and On-Sample Transducers. All necessary sample preparation tools are available to ensure a smooth and practical learning experience.

Triaxial Testing System Setup Part 2

Mar 18 2014

Part one of our Triaxial testing system setup guide explained the initial installation required that involves the System Setup, Sample Preparation and Test Creation. Now that Steps 1 and 2 (Hardware Setup and Specimen Details) of the wizard have been completed we will guide you through the necessary stage setup required for Saturation testing, Consolidation testing and Shear testing.

Using Clisp Studio part 2

Mar 17 2014

We have developed superior software Clisp Studio that s designed to deal with high pressure testing in laboratory environments. Our software can deal with extensive testing but is still simple to use and will benefit the technician during the entire conduction of the test. 

The Benefits of Automated Triaxial Testing

Mar 14 2014
Triaxial Testing is used to examine the shear strength of different materials, including soil. It works alongside other testing methods such as Shear Testing and Consolidation Testing to ensure the limits of the material are understood and weaknesses are identified, optimising its performance when supporting a structural frame.

Benefits of Test Automation

Here at VJ Tech we are proud of our extensive range of consolidation test equipment and software. We have dedicated our time and expertise to build testing equipment that ensures every test carried out is simple, quick, reliable and capable of withstanding high pressured laboratory testing conditions.

How to Upgrade VJ Tech Instrument Firmware.

New Firmware for an Instrument is loaded using the Flash Loader program. If the Flash Loader program needs to be installed, click on the ‘setup.exe’ icon and follow the instructions (Figure 1).  The Firmware for an Instrument will be sent as a compiled Hex file and can be saved in whichever location is required by the User.

Coffey Australia - equipment automation and standardisation

Coffey Australia - equipment automation and standardisation

The new equipment and software proved very successful in the first three labs to benefit. It has now been rolled out to two more east coast labs, one in Western Australia and one in New Zealand. Some of the labs have also invested in our sheer, consolidation and permeability testing equipment.

“The decision to use VJ Tech has proved to be a good one,” confirmed Graeme Duske. “Getting to grips with the equipment and software has been an enjoyable learning curve. I’m also satisfied that I have a good working relationship with Richard Pilgrim of Civilab – any difficulties or concerns are treated promptly and with respect.”

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