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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Remote Support

Apr 01 2014

Remote Support from VJ Tech

A new testing system and or software can seem daunting to even the most experienced of laboratory staff. At VJ Tech we want you to get the best out of the equipment and software you have purchased from us and be up and running with confidence as soon as possible. So as part of our on-going support to you we can offer remote support sessions. The remote sessions can be used for any number of reasons including:

  •  Setting up the software
  •  Setting up and using systems
  •  Support and diagnosing problems

For one of our engineers to help you there are few things you will need to do before we can undertake a remote session.

  • Firstly the computer that is running Clisp Studio and is connected to your equipment needs to have access to the internet. If the computer isn’t connected to the internet we will only be able to support you via email.
  • We now need you to download a software package called Teamviewer 8. Please follow the instructions below on how to download this software. This software does not normally need administrative rights and will enable VJ Tech’s engineers to remotely access your computer.
  • We normally find it easier to talk to the technician using the equipment whilst we undertake a remote session and the technician will get the most out of this session if they are in front of the computer whilst the remote session happens and able to talk to our engineer, so we would normally use Skype for this purpose. If you do not have a Skype account then please use the guide below to setup an account. Skype is free to use when talking to another Skype user.



If are registered to our website you can login and use the download link to install Teamviewer or you can go to the following official website:


Download the Teamviewer QuickSupport option and save to an easily accessible location where it can be run when contacting VJ Tech.




To create a Skype account, go to the following website:


Click the “Join” Skype option



To create an account, first enter your name and e-mail address.


Then input your profile information if you wish – the only mandatory field is the Country/Region which is selected from the pull-down menu.


Then enter your Skype name and password. A number of unique names will be suggested, it is recommended to select one of these. Make a note of the name (and password separately).


Input the text shown by the ‘captcha’ (used to verify that that a real person is entering data) and click “I agree – Continue” to join Skype.


We may have supplied a headset to use with a Skype account with your order. To use this, plug the wires into the headphone and microphone socket of the PC as shown. These are normally located on the front of the PC tower.


Part of the Skype setup is to test the headphones and microphone, use the facilities in the window to check that the headset is correctly setup. There is no need to set up the section for a webcam. Click on ‘Continue’ and then exit Skype until it is required.


VJ Tech Customer Service


When assistance from VJ Tech is necessary, run Teamviewer. Click ‘Run’ in the displayed window.


A window showing an ID and password will be displayed. Make a note of the ID and Password. Minimize the Teamviewer window if required but leave running.


Please email the following to, along with details of your problem and one of our engineers will contact you to arrange a convenient time to undertake a remote session.

·         The Teamviewer ID and passcode

·         Your Skype account name


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