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Equipment Maintenance Part 1

Mar 11 2014

It is crucial that regular checks and maintenance is carried out on your testing equipment to ensure the equipment performs to its highest standard. This includes TriSCAN Seal set update along with routine power supply checks.

TriSCAN seal checks and power supply checks are fairly simple to conduct and can be carried out on a variety of instruments.

Equipment Maintenance Part 1 – TriSCAN Seal Set Update & Power Supply Check

TriSCAN Seal Set Update

When conducting TriSCAN Seal maintenance, if the update is for an older Triscan machine using a Metal Washer with only two screw holes, then only two opposing holes of the four holes in the Strain Rod Rubber Seal (PLA0004B) will be used, otherwise all four are used.

The Rubber Washer is secured to the Triscan Base with a solvent based contact adhesive. Take care to line up the pre-punched holes with the holes in the Triscan Base. The Strain Rod Rubber Seal is placed around the Strain Rod on top of the Rubber Washer.

The metal washer is then placed on top and secured with either two or four screws as appropriate. The resultant setup is shown below.

Power Supply Check

IMPORTANT: The Power Supply must be ON to carry out these checks. Once the cover has been removed, take great care not to touch any exposed wiring or electrical components. Follow the instructions carefully

To correctly execute your power supply check a multimeter is required, once this is established follow these simple steps:

  1. Unscrew the retaining screws for the TriSCAN front Panel and remove.
  2. Attach the multimeter to the Red and Black wire terminals (Pins 2 & 3) on the DC Power In terminal block on the Main PCB as shown below. The reading should be 5V +/- 0.5V.
  3. Attach the multimeter to the Orange and Black wire terminals (Pins 1 & 3) on the DC Power In terminal block on the PCB as shown below. The reading should be 15V +/- 0.5V.
  4. Unscrew the Motor Cover, remove the card insert and unplug the Power push-on receptacle. Check with the multimeter as shown below. The reading should be 36V +/- 0.5V.

If any or all of the checks fail, the Power Supply is faulty and remedial action needs to be taken. Contact VJ Tech for further assistance.

Contact Us For More Information:

If you require further assistance or more would like more information on TriSCAN Seal set updates or power supply checks then please call +44 (0) 118 945 3737

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