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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Dual Automatic Pressure Controller (DAPC)

Mar 31 2014

VJ Tech are proud to announce the launch of the Dual Automatic Pressure Controller which makes full use of the technological advances in Wi-Fi, USB and touchscreen communication over recent years.




The Dual Automatic Pressure Controller (Dual Automatic Pressure Controller) is specifically designed for Triaxial testing in a soil laboratory. It provides two independent channels for Pressure control (each one up to 1000kPa and with their own Volume measurement), enabling both Cell and Back Pressure to be controlled from a single piece of equipment with a small footprint for more efficient use of laboratory space. Fully automated Triaxial testing can be carried out using an Automatic Solenoid Valve connected to the Dual Automatic Pressure Controller from the Back Pressure valve. 

It is controlled remotely from a PC or laptop running our renowned Clisp Studio software, either using a USB, RS232 or remotely using an optional 7" touchscreen colour display via Wi-Fi.

Pressure and Volume control can easily be carried out and the current readings of the two channels displayed during testing. The Dual Automatic Pressure Controller is factory calibrated before delivery and the settings can be read into Clisp Studio before initial use. Details of any subsequent re-calibration can be written back to the Dual Automatic Pressure Controller for re-use.

Main Advantages

  • Wi-Fi, USB or RS232 Connections available
  • Remote Control if required
  • Automatic Solenoid Valve Socket for Back Pressure control to fully automate the test
  • Two independent channels for Pressure control
  • Upright cylinders for ease of de-airing
  • Over range and travel limit switch protection
  • Microprocessor based design with 24-bit A/D convertor
  • Built-in battery backed real time clock
  • Thermostatically controlled fan
  • Transducer calibration from/to Clisp Studio
  • Non-volatile storage of calibration
  • Firmware easily updated remotely
  • Closed loop stepper motor controlled pressure/volume regulation
  • Ramping of pressure to a set level, ramp rate selectable in kPa/hr



Instrument Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi Aerial, USB Socket, RS232 Socket, RS232 Plug (for daisy chaining)
  • Automatic Solenoid Valve Socket for Back Pressure control to fully automate test
  • Mitutoyo Dial Gauge socket, LSCT & Load Transducer Sockets
  • Linear Encoder Socket (for high accuracy transducer), Alternative Remote Transducer Sockets
  • VCOMM diagnostic port (also used for fast firmware upgrade) 

Technical Specification

  • 1000kPa Maximum Pressure (per channel)
  • 200cc Volume Capacity (per cylinder)
  • Pressure Accuracy 0.15% FRO (per channel)
  • Pressure Resolution 1 kPa (per channel)
  • Volume Accuracy 0.25% FRO (per channel)
  • Volume Resolution 0.001cc (per channel)
  • Powered using DC Adaptor (Output 24VDC 75W, Input 90-240V, 50/60Hz, 1ph)
  • Dimensions - Width 360mm, Depth 290mm and Height 450mm
  • Weight 24.9kg

Optional Touchscreen Colour Display Features

  • Touchscreen 7" colour display
  • Can be magnetically attached to Dual Automatic Pressure Controller or held separately
  • Controls Dual Automatic Pressure Controller via Wi-Fi or USB
  • Supplied pre-loaded with Dual Automatic Pressure Controller App.
  • Full Dual Automatic Pressure Controller control with or without Clisp Studio


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