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Building better technology
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Clisp Studio Release V2.5.0

May 19 2015

Clisp Studio Release V2.5.0.1849

A New Release of Clisp Studio is now available for Download (link at the bottom of the page). There have been many changes/fixes, here is just a few of the New Features:

  • YouTube’ button introduced, which will direct users to support videos on the VJ Tech website. More tutorial videos will be added as time goes on. It is an ideal place for both new and experienced users to learn more about Clisp Studio. Click here to visit our YouTube Channel.

Figure 1 - Youtube Button located on the top right of Clisp Studio

  • Hardware Setup has been slightly modified. Instruments/Channels highlight Red when they do not match the Test Plan. Red highlights should disappear once the 'Apply' button has been clicked. This will confirm that the Hardware Setup has successfully saved to the Test Plan.

Figure 2 - Hardware Setup Wizard

  • A 'Recalculate All' button has been added to the Specimen Dimensions Setup. This forces Clisp Studio to rerun all calculations so that all the results are updated. Note: this should ONLY be used after a test has finished.


Figure 3 - Recalculate All Button

  • A 'Read All' button has been added to every instrument panel. This will allow users to read the calibration information from every channel on an instrument with a single click.

Figure 4 - Read All Button

  • 'Large' tests now open into Clisp Studio, while data is loaded in the background. This will allow users to access other parts of the test while they wait. Subsequently, two new colour statuses have been added. Yellow: Reading data from the database; Pink: Incomplete Data loaded from the database.

Figure 5 - New Test Statuses


  • Test Properties now tell us whether a test has been 'Cloned', 'Imported' or created 'As New'.

Figure 6 - Test Properties: Creation Source

  • Clients, Jobfiles, Boreholes and Samples can now be 'Closed' (moved to the Archived section). This will allow users to close Multiple tests with a single action.

Figure 7 - Closing Clients and sub-folders

  • Instruments that are currently in use cannot be removed from Clisp Studio and will be highlighted red. To avoid accidentally removing instruments, password entry is now required.

Figure 8 - Removing an instrument

  • New instrument statuses have been added to the Instrument Explorer. This will display the current state of the instrument, allow users to easily identify the current state of their equipment. 

Figure 9 - Instrument Statuses

  • t100/t90 cursor can now be reset to its Automatically calculated position by clicking the 'Reset Cursor' option on the consolidation graph (only available for csTriax). 

Figure 10 - Reset Cursor Option

  • APCH Instrument panel now has a volume gauge/bar that represents the volume of water in the cylinder. Instruments that are currently being used by a test will have their instrument panels locked.

Figure 11 - Locked Screen during Test; Volume Gauge add on the bottom of APCH Instrument Panel

  • There is now an option to allow units to be included in Excel Exports. This can be found in the 'Customise' option under 'Settings'.


Figure 12 - Option to include units in Excel Exports

To Download the Latest Version of Clisp Studio click on the link below:


Release notes can be found at the end of installation.

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