Building better technology
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Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Benefits of Test Automation

Mar 12 2014

Here at VJ Tech we are proud of our extensive range of consolidation test equipment and software. We have dedicated our time and expertise to build testing equipment that ensures every test carried out is simple, quick, reliable and capable of withstanding high pressured laboratory testing conditions.

The traditional method to conduct a Consolidation Test involved a Manual Oedometer with a yoke assembly and one of three alternative beam ratios. Consolidation readings were taken visually and recorded as weights were added. This therefore required the laboratory technician to be on hand to add weights, have them calibrated periodically and record the Consolidation data when required throughout the Test.

We have developed Automated consolidation test instruments that have many benefits when carrying out regular comprehensive tests.

What Are The Benefits of Automating Consolidation Testing?

We understand that when it comes to extensive testing we need to make the most of our time. VJ Tech developed testing instruments that would save time without compromising on quality or efficiency.


With the advent of electronic data loggers and the Clisp Studio csODO software module, Consolidation data could be recorded automatically at specified intervals throughout the Test, however it still required the laboratory technician to be present and add weights when necessary.

Full Automation

VJ Tech have introduced the ACONS (Automatic Consolidation System), the benefits are as follows:

  • Full automation is achievable - The loading is applied pneumatically rather than using dead weights.
  • Compatible with software - The entire test can be set up in the Clisp Studio csODO software. This allows a number of ACONS to function together and tests could run either simultaneously or independently.
  • Effective tests - once the ACONS system has been configured, the test can be started and will run to completion.
  • Time saving ­- As many Load increments as required can be set up and run unattended without the intervention of the Laboratory Technician.
  • Space saving - The ACONS has a smaller footprint than conventional dead weight systems thus taking up far less room in the laboratory
  • Safer practice - Health and Safety issues in the laboratory are greatly improved because there is no requirement for heavy weights to be lifted

The development of ACONS is of huge benefit to commercial laboratories because Tests can be run much more quickly and efficiently, without the laborious addition of weights. Because no intervention is required, the laboratory technician(s) are free to perform other duties.

Recording Results Of A Consolidation Test

The Consolidation readings can be recorded automatically using a data logger or a junction box connected to the computer running Clisp Studio.

The facilities of this software include:

  • Live Data Views
  • LCD graphics display
  • Graphs and Tables
  • t50 and t90 values can be calculated on the final graph
  • Results can be output in standard presentation reports and/or exported in various formats for manipulation in external data manipulation packages.
  • Entire Test setup can be saved and re-run at a later date
  • 16 keypad panel and on-board calibration and linearisation enabling Local control
  • Multiple loading (and unloading) sequences along with data logging at User specified intervals.

  • Recent Developments Of The ACONS2

    VJ Tech developed the ACONS2 with a stepper motor that generates force to ensure that every automated Consolidation test could be conducted with maximum ease as a compressed air supply is no longer required. The ACONS2 also supports the Consolidated Rate of Strain ( CRS) testing by using the stepper motor to control strain rate.

    The principal asset of the ACONS2 are:

    • It Is Wi-Fi enabled
    • The running Clisp Studio csODO software can be conducted by remote control via a PC desktop or laptop.
    • The quality of sensor readings is improved by removing lengthy cables
    • The optional 7" touch screen colour display comes pre-loaded with an App that can be attached magnetically to the instrument for control and status readout.

    Contact Us For More Information

    Here at VJ Tech we are dedicated to providing technicians in the civil engineering industry with high quality test solutions. To see our extensive collection of testing equipment and software please visit our website today.

    Speak to us about your consolidation test requirements and our specialist team will be happy to help.

    Please call: +44 (0)118 945 3737 or Email:

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