Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Shear Testing

Welcome to our range of high performance Shear Test systems that are designed to work efficiently under high pressure laboratory conditions and provide you with professional results.

Our Shear testing equipment is proven to be highly responsive and is compatible with our advanced Clisp Studio Shear Testing Software.

VJ Tech Equipment Covers:

Our collection of testing solutions enable the user to carry out these shear tests:

Direct/ Residual Shear Test, equipment features include:

• Fully Automated table-top system for samples up to 100mm with vertically applied pneumatic loading

• Fully Automated system for large samples up to 300mm with electro-mechanical loading

• Semi-Automated dead weight systems with either inbuilt or external data logging

• Large LED graphics display and control panel

• Manual dead weight systems

Ring Shear Test:

• Fully Automated Bromhead style system with external data logging

• Large LCD graphics display and control panel

• Soil-Steel Interface testing option

Simple Shear Test:

• Sample contained within confining rings

• Inbuilt 4-Channel data logging

• Lever Loading Device

• Stepper Motor Control

Unsaturated Shear Test:

• Sample contained within a sealed chamber

• Inbuilt 4-Channel data logging

• Pneumatic Loading Concept for Vertical Load

• Stepper Motor Control for Horizontal movement

Full details of our testing equipment are available on each product page. If you need any instrument to be customised to your testing specifications we can adapt our systems to your requirements. Each of our Shear Test systems can be configured with our Clisp software modules. Our programs are designed to collaborate with direct/residual (csSHEAR), ring (csRING) direct simple (csDSS) and unsaturated (csUNSAT) shear tests to make each analysis simple and time effective, giving the user more available time away from the machine.


Our software features include:

• Easy installation to your PC system (Windows XP pack 3 and onwards)

• User configurable data logging

• Live Data Views, Graphs and Tables

• Clear presentation reports (customisable options)

• Customizable and exportable graphs and tables

• Export of test results for manipulation in external packages

• Import, Export and Cloning of Tests

• Standards: BS1377-7:1990, ASTM D6467-13, ASTM D3084-04, ASTM D6528-07, AS1289.6.2.2:1998, Q181C.

Find further information on our software features when selecting the module specific to your testing requirements. We also provide an extensive range of accessories for your shear test systems including frames, cutters, porous discs, lab vane springs, tubes and jars and much, much more!

Applicable Geotechnical Standards:

  • BS1377-7
  • ASTM D3080-04
  • ASTM D6467-13
  • ASTM D6528-07
  • AS1289.6.2.2
  • Q181C

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