Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Consolidation Testing

Find your ideal Consolidation Testing System in our extensive range of specialist equipment designed to endure substantial laboratory testing in your area of expertise.

We supply superior consolidation equipment and have developed advanced technology to fully support your testing requirements and give effective trustworthy results.

Consolidation Test Equipment at VJ Tech:

Our systems include:

  • Manual (Dead Weight)
  • Fully Automatic (Pneumatic and Electromechanical)
  • Constant Rate of Strain
  • Rowe Cell
Our manual model’s features include:
  • Visual recordings.
  • Semi-automatic mode with automatic data logging.
  • High capacity loading
  • Yoke Assembly and triple beam ratio.

Our Automatic CONSolidation System (ACONS) features include:

  • Advanced technology that simplifies testing to allow you time away from the machine while the test is carried out
  • Pneumatic Force Controller
  • LSCT Transducer or Digital Dial Gauge and Interface
  • Consolidation Cell (50 – 100 mm)
  • Air Compressor (10 bar) if no compressed air supply available

Our Automatic CONSolidation2 System (ACONS2) features include:

  • Fully automated advanced technology with remote control available
  • Motorised Loading Consolidation Frame
  • Optional Magnetic Touchscreen Display with Wi-Fi Connection for remote control
  • Consolidation Cell (50 – 100 mm)
  • USB and Digital Dial Gauge Socket on rear in addition to RS232
  • CRS (Constant rate of Strain) testing options
  • Unconfined Triaxial testing options

The Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) Testing System features include;

  • A VJ Tech TriSCAN load frame to apply vertical load to the sample contained in a CRS cell
  • A Hydraulic Automatic Pressure Controller to apply Back Pressure
  • Displacement and PWP transducers to record data

The Rowe Testing System features include;

  • A hydraulic APC to apply vertical load to the sample contained in a Rowe cell
  • A Second hydraulic APC to apply Back Pressure
  • A Data Logger to record data
  • Displacement and Pressure transducers

There are many more details, features and model accessories available on our product description pages. Our Consolidation Test equipment can also be customised to meet your personal requirements- speak to a specialist today to find your ideal testing solution.


Innovative Software At VJ Tech:

At VJ Tech our Consolidation Test systems are compatible with our superior Clisp Studio software. Our software configures perfectly with our testing systems and performs at the highest standard. We offer VJT-csODO (Oedometer), csCRS (Constant Rate of Strain) and csROWE modules to work along with your equipment.

Our Clisp software features include:

  • Easy set up and calibration
  • Runs through any PC system (Windows XP service pack 3 and onwards)
  • Compatibility with semi-automatic systems
  • Automatic data logging
  • Live presentation of Data Views, Graphs and Tables
  • Email test status
  • Customisable and exportable graphs and tables
  • Export, Import and Cloning of Tests
  • Standards: BS1377-5 & 7, ASTM D2166 & D4235-04, AS1289.6.6.1-1998, XP PG4-090-1, ASTM D4186-06, BS1377-06:1990.

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